Max Social Link -- help?

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User Info: NightSkye

5 years ago#1
So, I just started playing this game and I figured since I've already gone through P3 that I should try a max social link run, using Penguin Knight's guide off this site. Anyways, I'm already slightly off schedule --

[ ] --- 4/23 (Sat) - Cloudy --------------------------------------------------

<> Persona(e) needed for today: Strength

<> Day time events:
DL) Strength 3

<> S.Link (Day) answers(s):
Basketball: 2 > 2/3 > 2; Soccer: N/A

<> Night time events:
N1) Slow reading: The Great Man 4

<> Key response(s):
They were by the riverside

This is the day, so my Strength link is now behind by one level. I assume this won't screw me over entirely? Should I just follow the guide like normal and make it up another time? If so, when?

For reference, it's only 04/27 in game, so I'm not too far, but I would prefer NOT starting over. I also have no previous saves to fall back on...

Anyways, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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User Info: Bulzeeb3088

5 years ago#2
You should be fine.

User Info: xylophone2

5 years ago#3
Yeah, you're fine. The only links you should be concerned about screwing up are Justice and Hierophant. Other than those two you have to really mess up to get to the point where you're screwed. I recommend using the optional times for raising expression via the translator job.
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User Info: NightSkye

5 years ago#4
Eh, I forgot to take the babysitting job on 5/13 and went to the dungeon again to level up. Hopefully that won't screw me over either...
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User Info: Fourth_Bonkura

5 years ago#5
Non spoiler advice

Make sure you always have a relevant Persona if you can and save frequently - in multiple slots


The guide ends in mid-November so you have some days to finish things up if you have to but not too many. Try not to let your schedule slip that much.

Once you max out the Hermit S-link you can grind pretty much as much as you want in one session since you can heal so cheaply you should be self-sufficient.

Other than that. what xylophone2 said. If you're slipping behind the guide on those two links you might try prioritising them over the Devil or Tower links.
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