First Persona game - yes another difficulty topic!

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User Info: BlitzKing900

5 years ago#1
So I am about to get this game and I was wondering about the difficulty seeing as you can't change it.

I have played Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy I, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and XIII as my other JRPGs. So I have played them before and done perfect files for a number of them. But that's mainly because they aren't incredibly hard.

I was going to start with Beginner simply because I'm more interested in the story of this game rather than grinding levels (kind of out grown that type of game). I don't mind if its a bit easy but if its ridiculously easy as in - mash attack and win, then I'll get bored of course.

That being said - I have heard that the SMT series are a lot more tactical and skillful, so normal might result in my characters spending the majority of their time face down while I sob in the nearest corner.

So is Beginner crazy easy? or just...easy...
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User Info: Cogito

5 years ago#2
First dungeon has a difficulty spike, due to SP issues.
I'll suggest stocking up on TaP Soda (and other SP restoratives if wanted) early game.
When Fox is unlocked later, level up hermit S-Link to reduce costs for its service.

Get a Slime and train it to Lv 7 for Resist Physical and pass the passive along.
Tarunda (Debuff: reduce target's damage) will be helpful against single bosses.

Once you reach Lv 17, get a Saravasti and train it to Lv 19 for Invigorate 2.
While equipped, Invigorate 2 recovers 5 SP to MC per turn. Pass passive along.
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User Info: EnglishLanguag

5 years ago#3
I would recommend starting on normal.

The only time I needed to level grind was to fight the boss of the second dungeon's many Swift Strike....
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User Info: Xiller8

5 years ago#4
yeah go normal I'd say, you get a well balanced experience that way. Compared to the games you listed, this games harder, but for an SMT game a lot of people consider this one of the easiest.
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  3. First Persona game - yes another difficulty topic!

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