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User Info: IceH2O

8 years ago#1

I can find PS3 and Xbox 360 playbooks but can't find them for the PS2. I mean the visual of each plays patterns. The plays in the next Gen are different then the Ps2.Anyone got a link?

I've run the balanced pb,RNG and Seattles pb but I'm bored of them.

What do you guys like to run?

User Info: mucky123

8 years ago#2
New Orleans is a very good balanced playbook.
Cinncinatti has a lot of trick plays, such as WR Pass, HB Pass, WR Runs, and a lot of screens.
Bears playbook is pretty good as well.
If you have 5 decent receivers, go with Patriots, they have some great plays out of the shotgun.
DeAngelo Williams>Your RB
Steve Smith>You and everyone that you know

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