How come EA makes these games EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and ppl actually BUY them??

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  3. How come EA makes these games EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and ppl actually BUY them??

User Info: G1ingy

8 years ago#1
Maybe I'm a little biased about these sports game....but I still find it confusing anyways.

EA makes these madden games EVERY SINGLE YEAR...this means one thing. It's profitable, and if it's profitable, it means fans are actually BUYING the new installments EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

I looked through most of the previous Madden games up to this one.....and the screenshots....usually look pretty much the same, very little changes or innovations in each installments....

Since I dont understand the lure to playing games like these....I'll ask it here, in this dead board in hopes a lost soul might see it and answer it before this post expires.....

How come people buy a this game every single year even though the game HARDLY CHANGES with each installment?? Is it brainwashing?

User Info: haveitdownpat

8 years ago#2
usually people are just fans of the sport. so they buy the latest game.

like myself, i buy it to play through a season as the giants. with new player rankings, see the full schedule, and play friends online, etc.

but i'm with you, it's regurgitated crap year after year. however, 2010 on the xbox changed a lot and i'm enjoying it.
NY Giants = 2008 Super Bowl Champions.

User Info: G1ingy

8 years ago#3
holy crap some people actually DO go to this board 0.o

User Info: gabbo

8 years ago#4
There's a couple of factors that go into people buying these games. I'm assuming you're talking about Madden games in general and not just the DS versions:

1. Most people don't actually buy each one year after year. Some people, like me, simply buy one every few years to update the rosters and gameplay periodically. Of course this purchasing strategy doesn't quite show up on game sale charts.

2. Fans of the sport will honestly, truthfully, care about the roster updates. That may be a foreign concept to you, but having your favorite team's newest draftees and signees on the squad is actually a major selling point. The whole idea of sports simulators is to SIMULATE THE GAME, and you can't really do that when you don't have all the parts (players) to do that.

3. While it may look like the game doesn't change year to year, there are still gameplay and mode changes that happen. They may not be much, but little stuff like new animations, new running mechanics, and new game modes, will get the Madden games that much closer to the real sport, which is really what all of us want.

Then again, if you are talking about just the DS versions, then all I have to say is that yes it is the same crap year after year and I don't really understand why people buy them. But if you still don't understand the lure of sports games then all I have to say is that yes, people do get off on managing salary caps and getting a sweet block on a blitzing linebacker. You may not ever understand nor do I expect you to, but just know that there is a huge market for these games in the millions of people that watch and ENJOY football every week.
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User Info: dzimm

8 years ago#5

How come EA makes these games EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and ppl actually BUY them??

Lack of competition. The games produced by EA aren't anywhere near as bad some people make them out to be. They're actually well-made and reasonably polished if imperfect products.

That said, I only buy a new EA sports title if there have been significant or notable improvements made over the version I currently own. I recently picked up a used copy of this particular game because it was cheap and I've been itching for a portable football game with more depth than Tecmo Bowl Kickoff. Madden 09 DS is pretty good, but I'm hoping EA will reboot Madden on the DS in 2011 and give us the innovative football sim the DS deserves.

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  3. How come EA makes these games EVERY SINGLE YEAR, and ppl actually BUY them??

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