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User Info: xMitsarugix

9 years ago#1
I've just started this game so...I have a few questions.

How do i unlock the Magic Knight dude.
And Which character do YOU use? Is it recommended to play all 3? Is it necessary to play all 3?


User Info: Qbert_IIII

9 years ago#2
Go to the shop, hit the academy tab, and find the scroll with Ronan on it. Click that, and it'll tell you what you would need to do to get him.

It really depends on your preference. Like stabbing stuff? Use Elesis. Like shooting stuff? Use Lire. Like encasing crap in stone, blasting stuff with lightning, raining meteors, etc.? Use Arme. Want a strange combination of Elesis and Arme? Wait a really long time and get Ronan.

Using all the characters is really up to you. I personally use Elesis more.
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User Info: Redcoffee1

9 years ago#3
Elesis has an advantage over Lire, who has an advantage over Arme, who has an advantage over Elesis. Think Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.

Elesis (the knight) is the coolest class to use. It's melee, afterall. She requires a lot of reflexes to master, and you gotta love reflexes games! Her MP skills aren't that great, but she pwns quite a lot without them.

Lire (the archer) is easily the strongest. People haven't mastered her yet, as the game barely came out in America, but a lot of people will refuse to play against a Lire when her awesomeness is uncovered. So choosing to main her will limit the amount of PvP battles you get into. The really tried hard to make her weak against Elesis, but the truth is a very skilled player with Lire is pretty much unstoppable. All of her MP skills are very deadly when used with the precise timing and aim.

Arme (the mage) is a good choice for a simple reason: Most people use Elesis. Since Arme has an advantage against Elesis, you'll have the advantage quite often. She requires a bit less reflexes and a bit more strategy to handle. By strategy I don't mean doing the same clevur trick over and over, but using the right spell at the right time.

I haven't played with/against Ronan enough to judge, sorry.

It's all up to you, but I recommend having Elesis as a main and Lire as a secondary character. I wouldn't neglect Ronan right away though, he seems to have a lot of potential.
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User Info: camtheman55

9 years ago#4
IMO use lire because of crossbow and when arme's second job comes out im going to use her but ATM use lire
but tobi is a good boy -_))

User Info: Redcoffee1

9 years ago#5
Arme's Alchemist job requires A LOT of skill to master. I've seen some guys owning with Alchemists, but those are VERY rare.

Lire's 2nd job is pretty good if you're not much into the game. There's really not much to her. She just needs one MP skill: the first one. Her second and third MP skills are almost useless. So basically all you need to master is the timing of one skill and a few other tricks and she's already kicking ass. The Archer is a lot more deadly when mastered though.
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User Info: kill3r719

9 years ago#6
Her first skill is actually useless in my opinion unless you need a quick knockout, or you're on a platform, her second skill in my opinion is awesome, wide range rapid fire pwnage in a wide radius.

Her third skill just needs timing.
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User Info: Redcoffee1

9 years ago#7
I suppose you are talking about missions, because in PvP her 2nd skill is next to useless. Her third skill is useless in PvP if your opponents don't suck. I suppose there are a few circunstances where you can stun your opponent entirely with the first part of the skill and make the harpy still hit him, but only on very strict occasions. Not very impressive for a third skill.

Her 1st skill is what makes her so freaking annoying. She just keeps stunning you and rolling making her very hard to hit, and when you're about to hit her she uses the 1st skill, which grants her not only a decent delay time and a fair damage but also cannot be defended by Elesis, Lass, or Ryan. Unless they updated the game to stop this cheapness or something.
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