Best PS3 title?

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User Info: TheGarbageMen

5 years ago#1
I think this is the most enjoyable game I've played on the PS3 thus far. I recently saw 50 Cent on a tv show designing a new car. I know he is constantly in the studio working on music. Does anyone know if he is planning on making a new game soon? I would love to be able to play 4 player, all of G Unit going at a time. I really liked playing as Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, though honestly DJ Whoo Kid disappointed me.

User Info: Darkive

5 years ago#2
i saw this game brand new at Best Buy for $40... its kinda hard to find.. i did not pick it up though.. is it worth me going back and getting it?


5 years ago#3
i paid 40 for a japanese import for the trophies. im looking for someone to coop with but im wondering if i can even play with someone that doesn't have a japanese version.

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