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User Info: Shakalu

9 years ago#1
Does anyone know if there is any chance for this game to appear on PC ? ..... It would be a great hit on PC version . Anyone who has knowledge about this please , i really really want this game ... or if there's any way to Emulate this to PC ...

User Info: luthienCross

9 years ago#2
well if all you have is a PC then all i can say is pray its gets put out for an emulator otherwise you gotta dish out the cash for console version
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User Info: Shakalu

9 years ago#3
Know anything about the Raw Vs Smackdown 2008 ? does it have any Emulator ? .... does it work on PC ...... damn these days ... no hackers and real computers users :P

User Info: Shakalu

9 years ago#4
If anyone's got any idea of what i should do please e-mail me at if you don't mind :P .....

User Info: davidkude

9 years ago#5
LOL....I'd be surprised if there was a working PS3 emulator in 10 years
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User Info: Shakalu

9 years ago#6
For PC it seems easier now :P but who knows ... maybe someone out there knows any TIPS to give me .... i'll go to sleep and i'll check 10 times / day till i find an answer to my question .. i must have this game :)

User Info: Helpless_writer

9 years ago#7
No chance in hell there will be a emulator for ps3 anytime soon... but there are ones for ps2 i think....

Anyway SvR will never legitimately go to pc for the customization options would be ridiculous... like No Mercy
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User Info: SuperMario254

9 years ago#8

ps3 emulators cant even be dreamed of atm.. im a pc fan myself, but to run a ps2 emulator at full speed without any serious tweaking to make the game look worse you need a quad core processor.. emulating the last gen/current gen consoles are going to be 20x more difficult then the n64/ps1 days since the processors in both consoles take up so much just to run the system itself, then it has to also process the game, and all the physics in the game..

so no, there will not be a ps3/360 emulator with this game.. even running at 3 fps for ATLEAST 8 years... i guess you could always get a DS emulator and play it there.. other then that its time to fork out the cash for a ps3... i only have a ps3 myself because most xbox titles come to pc anyway but yea.. no pc port sorry :(

User Info: Kikaioh

9 years ago#9
hahah, I think yukes are afraid that the fans can program a gameplay better than they can. That's why they avoid PCs.

User Info: Shakalu

9 years ago#10
Well , so u saying that the only way i could do this is to arhmmmzzzz Buy a PS3 ? ....... if you have any other option .... with less money involved :P ...... I got a good PC ..... just tell me what i need to do ... at least WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 ...... i wanna play something that involves alot of blood :D
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