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User Info: spikefreaky

8 years ago#1
Durability - Winning the Match, receiving Damage, Being Busted open , Finisher Kick outs, Strong Grapples.
Tips: Take a lot of damage, i've found the WWE and WHC paths the best to get this stat, Using Single with Manager matches is most likely your best bet, to increase your chances of winning, and to note I always seem to get a fair amount if i don't take damage and Do alot of strong Grapples.

Strength - the only Thing i've found that Definately adds to this is strikes, I also think hitting finisher and Sigs add to this.
Tips: Defend the IC/US title in a cage match, and do nothing but strike attacks for the first minute of the match, I USED nothing but strikes and one ONE finisher, and it half filled my 86 strength bar everything else stayed still, I've heard some people claim UCM, in my experience UCMs add to Stamina and Tech.

Speed - Running Moves, Top Rope, Dives, Quick Grapples
Tips: Ladder and TLC matches, be a cruiserweight for a while, run jump fly, I always do an off the ladder in the ring, to table outside dive, and i throw in the mindless destruction of the announce tables via the special elbow, Using your quick Grapples will also Boost this.

Submission - Submissions, working limbs, Ground Grapples
Tips: Just apply SS I found 10-15 = 1 and a half bars, and Try and get them completly red from submissions and other Ground moves.

Technical - Reversals, and Technical/Ground Moves, UCM,
Tips: Best place for this is the WWE and WHC paths, just try and get as many reverses as possible, even if you lose you'll still get a fare amount of Stat, Strong Grapples

Stamina - Kick outs, Bleeding, winning with little damage Running, Stamina System, UCM
Tips: Turn Stamina on, and have Longer matches let it run out, I've found holding on SS submissions for longer also boosts it, as well as Drawing out UCMs.

Charisma - taunting, aeiral moves, Fan Favourite Taunt
Tips: I'd suggest using Aeiral moves, Ladder Dives, outside Dives, taunt a lot, Cruiserweight grapples might also help, and the hotspots around ringside which allow you to interact with the fans.

Hardcore - Weapon Strikes, Weapon Grapples and Out of ring moves ...
Tips: this is simple, choose a match, I prefer ECW extreme rulez, then destroy the other guy with weapons - if you have object grapples use that, just vary alot and this should soar, I'm 90% certain Finishers and UCM done outside of the ring, Set tables and Barb Wired bats on fire, Pretty much be hardcore...
PSN: Spykefreaky

User Info: spikefreaky

8 years ago#2

Submission: Ability to Make the Opponent tap to non-finisher Submission
Unlock:Attempt 7 Struggle Submissions in one match and then win

K.O: Ability to Knock Out Opponents is Enhanced
Unlock: Earn 5 star ratings in every Match (no title match) on a single title path.

Lock Pick: Ability to automatically Escape from Struggle Submission Holds
Unlock: Face Y2J in a singles match and escape the Walls of Jericho

Resiliency: Makes Superstar Harder to be pinned or made to Submit.
Unlock: Kick out of a pin at 2 while having 2 parts of red body damage.

Durability: Ability to Heal by Holding Triangle, when any part of you is Red.
Unlock: Beat a superstar rated 20points higher overall while both having orange damage

Evasive Dodge: Hold L2/R2 & Left Stick
Unlock: Win a Special Match against 2 opponents ( between Rey and/or Jeff Hardy And/or Jimmy Wang Yang)

Hammer Throw: Strong Irish Whip, Hold Circle and Aim Left Stick
Unlock: Earn an ability within your first 10 career matches, then get the Sit in the Corner award.

Kip-up: Press Triangle when Prompted on ground to fill your momentum.
Unlock: Win 6 championships

Outside Dives: Allows user to do Outside Dives
Unlock: Complete 25 Dives in career.

Possum Pin: Press Triangle When prompted on the mat to perform a surprise wrap up Pin.
Unlock: Beat 3 people who have the possum pin.

Spring board: Allows user to do Springboard Dives
Unlock: win Cruiserweight Title

Ladder Match:
Unlock: Get a 5 star rated ladder match against one of the Hardy's

Object: Can do Grapples with Weapons
Unlock: Complete 50 object attacks in career

Fan Favourite: can use Special taunt, that if succesful drains opponents momentum.
Unlock: Successfully taunt 10 times in a match (must not have steal taunt)

Dirty Pin: will put feet on ropes if Pinning near them
Unlock: 5 star rating against 3 different people who have the ability

Table Match:
Unlock: break 40 tables in career (announce tables count)

Referee Shield: Use the referee as a Shield
Unlock: Get 5 DQ losses, then win a vhampionship match against a clean superstar

Move Theft: can Steal Opponents Finisher
Unlock: Beat 20 different superstars

Steal Taunt: can Steal Opponents Finisher
Unlock: Foil opponents attempt to steal your taunt (can't have fan fave ability)

Bloodshed: press triangle when holding a chair, to heal, also bleeding gets you full momentum
Unlock: make opponents bleed 10times and bleed yourself 10 times (rewarded on win with blood)

Cage Match:
Unlock: win cage match in under a minute by escaping
PSN: Spykefreaky

User Info: Warsing

8 years ago#3
sticky requested
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User Info: spikefreaky

8 years ago#4
Yeah pretty much finished the guide as you can see, hope it helps a few people.
PSN: Spykefreaky

User Info: ShinJedi

8 years ago#5
Spike, do you know if you can edit your abilities for your created wrestler? Dirty Pin, Springboard, etc?

User Info: spikefreaky

8 years ago#6
No dude unfortunatly you can't, Your best bet would be to start over and just avoid getting those abilities, save a lot and hope for the best.
PSN: Spykefreaky

User Info: ShinJedi

8 years ago#7
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User Info: kasta7879

8 years ago#8
Bumpity Bump Bump

User Info: ThelmmortaL

8 years ago#9
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

User Info: Tyreal

8 years ago#10
Kudos Spike, Ur topics have been a GREAT help over the past few days, requested sticky also!
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