Getting to the Sunken Shrine

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User Info: Burst_Phoenix

8 years ago#1
So, in the africa-esque area, my friend and I are assuming the whirlpool is the key to getting into the sunken shrine. However, I don't see *Any* wayto get in there. So yeah, you can gutess the question

User Info: _Mogri_

8 years ago#2
Land on the whirlpool. It's not incredibly obvious, but you can walk there just like anywhere else.
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User Info: Azure_Link

8 years ago#3
Also, I recomend you bring spinners and a skeleton key to get an air ring inside ASAP. If you do not know already, you don't breathe underwater in this game.
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User Info: MasterPoker

8 years ago#4
Poison is not a big status effect to fear. As long as you're not camping the area for several weeks, it's not a big deal.
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