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PhoenixMoonRising 8 years ago#1
So I invested in the Mirror Image skill for my Ninja, but I don't think I know how to use it. I was level 30 and battled a level 2 Sylph, used Mirror Image and did 0 damage. Correct usage, please!
Name: Katie
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User Info: Dust88

8 years ago#2
Mirror Image is based on the Mag stat, so even if you're level 30, If you only have 1 Mag it wont be very strong. I would suggest picking up Drain, Swap, or Banish if you can. Those spells do the same thing regardless of Magic.
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PhoenixMoonRising 8 years ago#3
Ah, I see. Then what do the symbols (the star and the crossed swords) stand for? And thank you for your help, btw!
Name: Katie
FC: 5197 9021 5222

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