Vein Tumors.

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User Info: soulcalibur2

9 years ago#1
He said scalpel it all at once but how?? They keep regenerating!
Assassin's Creed all the way!!!!!

User Info: Aznox99

9 years ago#2
He was referring to the tumors, not the veins, themselves. Scalpel the veins off ALL the tumors in sight. And then remove each tumor with the forceps.
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User Info: soulcalibur2

9 years ago#3
I thought so but wasn't sure Thanks!
Assassin's Creed all the way!!!!!

User Info: BahamutRider

9 years ago#4
I only just beat 2-3. Problem is the veins take so long to cut, and during the 4 tumors phase the vitals drop very quickly even during HT. Also, post-laser-tumor cuts seem a bit more squirty this time, making them harder to clean up after (quickly, anyway).
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User Info: acefondu

9 years ago#5
I've found that cutting all the veins except ONE on each Tumor is vital. For some reason vitals drop severely if ALL the veins are cut on the tumors and left there without throwing them away. With just 1 vein left on each you have 4 to cut, then you throw them away all at once. You should prepare the vitals high before doing this, because even with 4 veins to cut your vitals drop about 60-70 anyway. No HT needed though.

User Info: laidbacktionist

9 years ago#6
to acefondu1 > Thanks!! Your method might help me went through this darn operation I keep failing ^_^ You should write a FAQ. Just a suggestion though

User Info: laidbacktionist

9 years ago#7
This one is HARD! Man, even on a normal mode I failed so many times... I'll never hold the scalpel in my hands again...

User Info: zeik56

9 years ago#8
What I did was cut all the veins on three of them and then remove them. With three tumors gone vitals should drop a lot slower and you should still have time to cut and remove the last one before they regenerate.
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