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User Info: Stive5115

7 years ago#1
Just wanted to post a few tips on how to get this working. Sadly this place seems to archive everything over a month or so old so I can't reply to post a few below...

If you are getting error messages about any unsigned drivers it is because of the Tages DRM, which comes even with the steam version. To fix this you need the drivers from Tages.

Click the "Drivers" tab and download the latest proper drivers for your OS type (32 or 64 bit).

To configure the graphics:
Open up Silverfall\Config\config.ini

WIDTH = 760
HEIGHT = 600
APP_START_INI = "Data/Config/Start.ini"
USERCONFIG_INI = "Data/Config/UserConfig.ini"
LOC_TRANSLATE = "Data/Localize/TranslateConfig_"

Change the WIDTH= and HEIGHT= to the above values. Now, when you run GameSetup.exe you can actually see all the settings and can hit the "Confirm" button.

Make sure you run the game under administrative mode; and if you buy through steam make sure steam is running as administrator or you get an error saying that steam must be run as the administrator on the first run or some such.

Hopefully this helps anyone that wants to get or play this game.

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