Rank all 23 cases(possible spoilers) part 2

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User Info: General_Juma

7 years ago#1
since the old one died. We always need one one of these haha

1. 2-4
2. 3-5
3. 1-4
4. 1-5
5. 3-3
6. 5-4
7. 3-2
8. 5-3
9. 5-5(only this low because the final "battle" would never end, and for the most obnoxious reasons)
10. 4-1
11. 3-4
12. 2-3
13. 3-1
14. 1-3
15. 4-3
16. 5-2
17. 5-1
18. 4-4
19. 1-2
20. 1-1
21. 4-2
22. 2-2
23. 2-1
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User Info: OokamiZeta

7 years ago#2
Switch 2-4 and 3-5 and you've got yourself a nice list, my friend.
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User Info: Uifalusi

7 years ago#3
1. 1-5
2. 1-4
3. 3-5
4. 5-5
5. 1-3
6. 2-4
7. 4-2
8. 5-3
9. 3-4
10. 5-4
11. 1-2
12. 3-2
13. 3-1
14. 1-1
15. 5-2
16. 3-3
17. 4-4
18. 5-1
19. 4-1
20. 2-3
21. 2-2
22. 2-1
23. 4-3


User Info: rashrules

7 years ago#4
Didn't finish 1-5 (was halfway through it before save file got deleted) and haven't played Apollo Justice (you have to get Phoenix disbarred yourself... What the hell, Capcom?).

1. 2-4
2. 1-4
3. 3-5 (You know, this was more 'epic' than 1-4. But it focused too much on spirit channeling....)
4. 5-5 (It just went on forever, everyone at the end screams hold it after every testimony. Even the damned Forensics guy!)
5. 3-4 (I spoiled myself on the ending beforehand... still hit me pretty hard though.)
6. 3-2
7. 5-4
8. 1-3
9. 5-3
10. 5-2
11. 2-3
12. 2-2
13. 3-3
14. 1-2

And on to the beginning cases... Sorry, they can never hold a candle to the real cases or even the filler ones.

15. 3-1
16. 5-1
17. 1-1
18. 2-1

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User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#5
Awesome that somebody revived this. Reposting mine~

1) 2-4 Farewell, my Turnabout
2) 5-5 Turnabout Ablaze
3) 3-5 Bridge to the Turnabout
4) 1-4 Turnabout Goodbyes
5) 1-5 Rise from the Ashes
6) 5-3 The Kidnapped Turnabout
7) 5-4 Turnabout Reminiscence
8) 3-4 Turnabout Beginnings
9) 2-3 Turnabout Big Top
10) 5-2 Turnabout Airlines
11) 3-2 The Stolen Turnabout
12) 3-3 Recipe for Turnabout
13) 2-2 Reunion, and Turnabout
14) 4-4 Turnabout Succession
15) 1-3 Turnabout Samurai
16) 1-2 Turnabout Sisters
17) 4-2 Turnabout Corner
18) 4-1 Turnabout Trump
19) 5-1 Turnabout Visitor
20) 3-1 Turnabout Memories
21) 4-3 Turnabout Serenade
22) 1-1 The First Turnabout
23) 2-1 The Lost Turnabout

Btw, I'm still working on my rant about the reasoning behind the order. Should be done fairly soon, so anticipate a wall of text in the near future.
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User Info: BigTheBrat

7 years ago#6
1) 3-5
2) 2-4
3) 5-5
4) 1-5
5) 3-2
6) 5-4
7) 1-4
8) 5-2
9) 3-3
10) 4-4
11) 1-3
12) 5-3
13) 4-3
14) 2-3
15) 2-2
16) 4-2
17) 4-1
18) 3-4
19) 5-1
20) 1-2
21) 3-1
22) 1-1
23) 2-1

Not 100% right most likely
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User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#7
This is all just my opinion, so please don't get too worked up if you disagree with it. >_>
And heck, MAJOR SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING from this point on.
23. The Lost Turnabout (2-1)
Where to begin? Gumshoe's whole testimony was tedious and unexciting, and a terrible way to open the game. I was really excited to start JFA and this first section really made me worried as to whether the game would match PW1's greatness. The broken neck thing, as a lot of people have said, is honestly inexcusable, especially from a series that puts so much effort into making everything make sense. Can anyone honestly say they didn't try to point that out at the start and got penalized? After Gumshoe's testimony, Wellington's was decent fun, but it doesn't make up for the beginning, so I have to give this the 'worst case of the series' position. Clever twist with the business card at the end though.

22. The First Turnabout (1-1)
Like 2-1, it doesn't really have anything. But it doesn't PRETEND to, either. 2-1 is a really simple case that drags much longer than it needs to. 1-1 is a really simple case that wraps up after like two or three testimonies, which is much less offensive. So that's why this case manages to avoid the 'worst case of the series' position. Oh, and Mia being alive and not in a flashback feels so weird when replaying.

21. Turnabout Serenade (4-3)
Ugh...the song video. The SONG VIDEO. I'm sure it must have played at least fifteen times. Aside from that...the case itself is just stupid. There is no reason at all to suspect Machi. Klavier makes a big deal about how hard the gun is to fire, so how can he claim that a little boy used it without suffering any injury and not realise the huge contradiction? And how does Apollo not just point this out and get a Not Guilty ten seconds into the trial? Also, the 'he can't speak English, yes he can, he's blind, no, he can see, but Lamiroir's blind!' seemed really ludicrous and created plotholes (if she's blind then how can she see the evidence you present to her at the start of the case?). And the one really cool twist that the case had, the crime following the lyrics of the song, ended up just being explained away with 'Oh, it was just a coincidence.' I was really, really looking forward to hearing the explanation for that, and that was a horrible anticlimax. Oh, and the killer was really obvious by process of elimination. Yeah, in case you can't tell, I hate this case. 1-1 and 2-1 only lose to it because they have literally nothing, while this case does have a few decent ideas behind it. But they're all either underplayed or explained terribly, so it goes down here. Oh yeah, and I also hated how they would have flashbacks of things that were said only a minute ago, but that's a problem for all of AJ really. Just this case does it the most, or it seemed so to me anyway.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#8
20. Turnabout Memories (3-1)
A much better opening than 1-1 or 2-1. The case is interesting, playing as someone other than Phoenix for the first time was really cool, and seeing Payne's hair fall out from the shock of losing to a rookie was brilliant. That said...this case also really annoys me, mostly because of Phoenix. He's ridiculously out of character. I really can't see the Phoenix in this case becoming the lawyer we've been playing as for two games in the span of just three years. It's way too much of a leap. At least AJ Phoenix has the excuse of being 7 years on, so such a drastic character change is somewhat acceptable. Here, it's just silly. Also, a lot of the meaning that the case has is only really brought out once you know the events of 3-4. And once you DO know about 3-4, this case seems really weird because Mia acts like she doesn't know about it. It's necessary to prevent spoilers, obviously, but it still feels kind of weird. Still, a very big step up from 1-1 and 2-1, but I really think it would have worked better if it had been swapped with 3-4. That way, we'd see everything in chronological order, and hearing of Diego Armando's 'murder' in 3-1 would be much more of a shock. It would also feel a lot less 'incomplete' when you're done – you still don't know the reason behind Mia's hostility towards Dahlia, Mia's relation to Diego, etc after this case. So yeah, as a case, it's fine, but to perfect it, I'd replace Phoenix with a new character and switch it with 3-4.

19. Turnabout Visitor (5-1)
This is a good opening case. There's nothing special about it, but nothing really wrong with it either. So yeah, fairly standard opening, but longer and more interesting than most, so it deserves a higher place. There aren't any real unexpected twists in it like 4-1's, so it has to go below that, but 4-1 excluded, definitely the most solid opening. It's kind of annoying that you're basically told directly that Portsman's the killer at the start though. It's not like it really could have been anyone else, but it would have been nice not to have been able to say as soon as he walked in, 'Oh hey, it's the killer from the intro movie!' The final evidence is also kind of weak, and its significane isn't elaborated on until the final case, by which time you've probably forgotten all about it anyway. But that's just an inevitable side-effect of the way all five cases in AAI connect to each other, which none of the other games do.

18. Turnabout Trump (4-1)
Definitely the best opening case. In fact, it's funny – AJ was my least favourite AA game and started out really strong, while JFA was one of my favourites and started out terribly. Anyway...yeah, it's really hard to fault this case. Olga's 'transformation' was a real shock, and Kristoph being the killer was an even bigger one. The whole thing was played out really well - it seems so obvious that Olga is the killer, and since it's the first case, you really aren't expecting anything out of the ordinary. So finding out that a) the witness isn't the killer in the first case for the first time EVER and b) that YOUR OWN ASSISTANT did it is just an amazing moment. Phoenix is out of character in this case, but as I said before, it's more forgivable here than in 3-1 because of the really big time gap. Really, the biggest problem with this case is that you have absolutely no clue what Kristoph's motive is, and you don't find out until the last case. Which makes the conclusion of the case a little unsatisfying. And when you DO finally find out...it's...a really, really stupid motive. But that's something to save for the 4-4 description.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#9
17. Turnabout Corner (4-2)
Well...what can I say about this case? Completely unremarkable, really. The way that you're forced to run errands at the beginning is annoying and you don't find anything about the actual CASE for about an hour...which makes the case's opening really disappointing after 4-1 being so fast-paced and surprising. When you do get to the actual case, it's not bad, but there's nothing there to justify placing it above anything other than intro cases and ugh, 4-3. The killer's a disappointment too, it's just Dahlia all over again. We've had two cases of Dahlia already, and it was already getting old in 3-4, so the series really didn't need to clone her.

16. Turnabout Sisters (1-2)
This case is weird. Every idea in it is absolutely brilliant, but the execution is terrible. Let's start with the good. After 1-1's completely routine and simple case, you're suddenly hit with a HUGEMEGAPLOTTWIST as the character you assumed would be helping you out for the whole game is murdered. The case itself is also a lot more interesting than 1-1, with the whole wiretap thing, and the killer being an almost untouchable figure, with the judge AND prosecution in his pocket. The way he manages to just switch the suspect from Maya to Phoenix on the second day without any opposition really makes it hit home that this guy has control over everything and there's no way you can convict him. So 1-2 should really be one of the best cases in the series. What went wrong? Well, for starters...WE SEE THE KILLER AT THE START OF THE CASE. Why!? If we hadn't known who did it from the start, it would have made things much more interesting, because like Phoenix, we would be convinced that April was the murderer, and the bellboy revealing the 'other person' staying with her would have been much more surprising. Also...the case against Maya is really, really weak. So is the case against Phoenix, but that's justified because White's manipulating everything at that point. But Gumshoe arresting Maya based solely on her name being written in blood is just ridiculous, even for Gumshoe. Especially since the victim died instantly...But the biggest problem of all is the way we finally get White to confess. We have no evidence against him at all, but he suddenly breaks down and admits everything because Phoenix reads out a list of names of people he blackmailed? ...Why? That really makes no sense, and as much as a certain fanfic explains it perfectly and really tells the story of this case a lot better than the game itself does, I still can't count that in the game's favour. So, as I said before – a lot of REALLY good ideas, but the execution sadly makes it a much worse case than it could have been. On an unrelated note, it annoys me how Phoenix doesn't recognise Grossberg from 3-1, but that's 3-1's fault really, so I'm not going to blame 1-2 for that.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#10
15. Turnabout Samurai (1-3)
I really, really like this case. It's got a lot of really entertaining and unique characters, the case itself is really interesting, and it's also really uniquely paced – there are THREE investigation and court sections, but each section is a lot shorter than usual, so it never feels like you're in one or the other for too long. I actually think I like that better than the two-day system that the later games use. Oh, and we have Sal Manella! I don't think I have EVER been as surprised by any videogame ever as by when I saw 'WTF? Who are j00 d00ds? LMAO!' appear on the screen when I first entered the dressing room. But the thing that prevents this case from getting any higher is that there's really no need for it to have happened. Vasquez killing Hammer was justified self-defense, so she would have gotten off lightly if she'd just confessed to it. Framing an innocent man for it and making it look like a murder was completely unnecessary, and it's not like she had any grudge against Powers that would motivate her to do that either. So the resolution of this case is rather unsatisfying, because we don't get any explanation for that at all. Other than that, though, this is a great case.

14. Turnabout Succession (4-4)
My opinion on this case is EXACTLY the same as my opinion on 1-2. Lots of brilliant ideas, but horribly executed. It's a real shame, because this case really has potential. It could have stood up there with the rest of the final cases, but they messed it up. So let's start with what I really like in this case. Okay, first of all, the way that the whole thing is set up so that it looks like it's completely impossible for anyone other than Vera to have done it is really well-done. I couldn't think of any way at all that she could be innocent at first. The poisoned stamp is possibly the most ingenious murder plan in the whole series. It was almost completely fool-proof, and if it had worked out like Kristoph had planned, it would have literally been the perfect murder, with the only evidence being sent directly to the murderer before the victim even died. Genius. And the way that the background sketches on Drew's paintings depict Apollo's first three cases is a huge shock and leaves you really really excited to find out the huge connection. Shame the explanation for it was such a huge disappointment. And finally...the flashback case stuck in the middle of this case is...brilliant. Really. The whole thing. I'm not sure why it was included as a part of this case, actually – that case should have been 4-4 and this should have been 4-5, because that case stands up perfectly well by itself. I really loved every second of it. So the flashback case alone is enough to bring 4-4 this high on the list, for being by far the best court-only case in the series. Hearing the PW1 Defendant Lobby music again and realising that the flashback was going to be a full-length playable case has got to be one of the best moments in the series. So, what went wrong? Why isn't this case sitting at the top of the list with the other final cases? Well, first of all...the game practically tells you who the killer is at the very start, which is a huge disappointment. I thought the series had stopped doing that. I know it doesn't tell you directly, but you see Kristoph standing at the witness stand in the intro, and that makes it completely obvious he's the murderer, since he'd have no other reason to appear in another case. But that's relatively minor compared to the two other HUGE problems that wreck this case. Cont.
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