Rank all 23 cases(possible spoilers) part 2

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User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#11
In fact, the whole case is completely perfect for the first half. The first investigation and trial are great. The flashback trial as Phoenix is even better. But then...we get the Mason System. And the whole thing falls apart. I have yet to find any satisfactory explanation for it. The only way I can justify it is that Phoenix has a time machine. That's certainly how the game presents it and I don't see any other way of explaining how Phoenix can get a photo from Brushel after Zak's death and then show it to Zak himself before he dies. The most popular explanation is that the whole thing is a simulation for the jury, but that opens up even MORE holes than just leaving it as 'Phoenix can time travel'. It would mean that the jury is voting on the case based entirely on a simulation created by ONE man. One man who isn't even a defense attorney any more! If this actually really is what the writers were going for, then I'm sorry, but that's just not credible, even for the AA series. And it has to be a simulation – the theory of it being recorded camera footage doesn't work, because then you wouldn't see Psyche-Locks, and it still doesn't explain the photo contradiction either. How did Phoenix even get in charge of creating a new law system anyway!? How did he get away with creating an entire simulation for the jury to vote on when he lost his badge for forging evidence? The whole thing is just a mess. And of course, there's Kristoph's motive for killing Zak. Because Zak chose Phoenix to defend him instead of Kristoph. I mean...really? REALLY? Seven years on, Kristoph is STILL angry enough about that to commit murder? And another thing. Zak and Phoenix having a perfectly friendly conversation in the Borscht Bowl Club, Zak asking Phoenix to take care of Trucy, discussing the power of the bracelets, etc. And RIGHT after that, Zak tries to wreck Phoenix's reputation by beating him at poker, and gets so angry when he fails to do so that he hits Olga on the head with a grape juice bottle and knocks her out? What? This is the guy who's looking after your daughter, what the heck does Zak think he's doing? This is another thing that's just impossible to explain. So, yeah...4-4. A case that should have been amazing, but there's one big problem with it – that it DOESN'T MAKE THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF SENSE. I can't forgive that, but at the same time, I really love the whole epic feel of the first day, and the flashback case. So sticking it just below halfway up the chart sounds right.

13. Reunion, and Turnabout (2-2)
This case gets a lot of hate, and I'm not quite sure why. Pearl and Franziska are introduced, the case itself and the backstory behind it is all really interesting, the twist with Ini/Mimi at the end was absolutely amazing, and most importantly of all, this case is extremely important for setting up 3-5. The only problem with it is that Franziska's argument makes no sense. If Maya was channeling a spirit, then that would mean she should get charged with negligence of duty, not murder. Apart from that, a perfectly good case and I can't really think of anything else to say about it.

12. Recipe for Turnabout (3-3)
This case is just silly. But in a good way. I really like the general light-hearted atmosphere, and all the crazy characters like Kudo, Armstrong, Tigre, it all just fits together so well. The idea of the victim just happening to win the lottery is a ridiculous coincidence, but in a case like this, I honestly don't mind because the whole thing is ridiculous (Tigre impersonating Phoenix with a paper badge, for starters), and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Also, the way that the murder was acted out again to create a witness of Kudo is genius, as is the way Phoenix manages to catch Tigre out on the potassium cyanide bottle's appearance.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#12
11. The Stolen Turnabout (3-2)
Oh yeah, this case is genius. The first half is really unique as it's the only case in the whole series that isn't a murder. The way it sets up a seemingly simple case with an obvious culprit and then completely shocks you with a huge twist when you think you've won is brilliant. Atmey's plan to get convicted of theft to give himself an alibi for the murder is ingenious. Adrian's return is nice, if kind of pointless. Atmey and the DeLites are great new characters. The whole blackmail plot and the truth behind Mask*deMasque is really well-done. It's really hard to fault this case.

10. Turnabout Airlines (5-2)
Another brilliantly done case. Teneiro, Lablanc and Cammy were all excellent new characters, and Sal's cameo was brilliant. The case itself was really interesting and figuring out the victim fell to his death is one of the best moments in the series –'That is to say, that which caused the victim's death is incorporeal!' And the whole thing was just full of surprising twists and great moments. It was awesome how Edgeworth would point out some huge contradiction in Cammy's testimony and she'd just fall asleep! And the whole thing with Teneiro buying her own suitcase design so it would look like they were selling was also great. Really just an all-around great case without any real flaws.

9. Turnabout Big Top (2-3)
I have no idea why this case gets so much hate. Like 3-3, it's just a generally silly and light-hearted case, but I actually found this case's cast even funnier than 3-3's. Ben and Trilo in particular were absolutely hilarious, and their testimony has to be one of the funniest parts of any AA game. Moe was kind of annoying, but it was brilliant how the judge got so sick of him that he implemented a system to penalize you whenever he told a bad joke! But what puts this case above 3-3 in the 'crazy case' department is that there was actually a really tragic story behind it, and that it had a murderer who you could actually sympathise with. Yes, what he did was wrong, but you can really see what drove him to do it, and I felt really sorry for him. I also felt sorry for Regina as she learned how cruel the world outside the circus was. And the over-convoluted murder plan is actually something I really enjoy, so even though it was so ridiculous and improbable, I actually loved that. The only real problem with this case is that the investigation sections drag a little, but everything in court was pure gold.

8. Turnabout Beginnings (3-4)
I still say this should have been the first case of PW3. Melissa actually being the victim's supposedly dead sister would have been much more of a shock, and you wouldn't know in advance that you would fail to convict her (because otherwise how could she be out of prison in 3-1?). And finding out that Diego Armando has been 'murdered' in 3-1 would have been so much more of a shock too...but anyway, timeline issues aside, this case is brilliant. It's really short, so it never feels tedious, and the Judge's brother is hilarious throughout. But the thing that really puts this case up so high is the ending. I'm pretty sure this is the only case in the series that doesn't end happily, apart from the flashback case stuck halfway through 4-4, which doesn't really count. The defendant's dead, the murderer gets away, and through 3-1 we know that Diego is 'killed' not long after this case too. It's a real shock and though 3-1 gives away that the trial can't end happily, having it end on SUCH a lose-lose situation is really unexpected and a very powerful moment.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#13
7. Turnabout Reminiscence (5-4)
This case seems to definitely be the most popular of AAI's cases. That's hardly surprising, because the whole thing is pretty much fanservice. That's not a bad thing at all, mind – it is great cross-examining the Judge, seeing Franziska as a kid, playing as Edgeworth in the 3-4 outfit, seeing Manfred von Karma alive again, and of course the final confrontation in court is superb. But I don't know...it kind of felt like TOO much fanservice in a way. I can't really imagine someone who hadn't played the rest of the series really enjoying it. I mean, there were only two characters in this case we hadn't seen before, excluding dead people. It's kind of going overboard. Still, disregarding that, the case itself was really unique, with two victims instead of one, and the idea of the KG8 Incident tape's gunshot being used to set the time of murder is ingenious. I don't much care for Badd, as his messages moved WAY too slowly (I have no problem with the text speed for any other character, but Badd's was really...well, bad), and his constant pauses were annoying and unnecessary. Calisto, on the other hand, is awesome. Edgeworth proves her guilty and she just laughs and points a gun at him. She actually would have killed him if it weren't for Kay. So yeah, this is an all-around excellent case, but loses points for using too many familiar characters. That's a really minor thing, though, so this case definitely deserves to be this high.

6. The Kidnapped Turnabout (5-3)
I absolutely LOVE this case. Everything about it. The first part is a really interesting way to start off a case, with Edgeworth being kidnapped and meeting a new assistant in such an unconventional way. And then we have Shi-Long Lang, who is awesome and definitely the best new character in AAI. And seeing Meekins in the Blue Badger costume was also brilliant. Seeing Oldbag in the Pink Badger costume was even more so. Ema's cameo was pointless, but it was still cool seeing her again. Little Thief was great fun to use, even if it doesn't really make sense. But what I really like about this case is that the fanservice is all strictly confined to the first half of it. When we get to the final confrontation, Meekins, Oldbag and Ema have all become irrelevant, and all the focus is on the extremely interesting story of Lance, Lauren and Oliver planning out the fake kidnapping. That final confrontation is still my favourite moment of the game, and completely converted me to out-of-court gameplay. It was just absolutely epic. I'm not sure what it is about it, but I loved every second of it, and there were so many twists in that one section. It was easily half the case. And then using Little Thief to reproduce the haunted house, and figuring out the thing about the mirror wall...admittedly, it doesn't really stand up to scrutiny (why wasn't the corridor on the blueprints Kay used to make the reproduction?), but I can forgive that, because the whole case just felt great to me. Hard to pinpoint exactly why, but this case has to take the position of best non-final case in the series in my opinion.

5. Rise from the Ashes (1-5)
The name annoys me. No Turnabout? Why? Anyway...I love this case. So many characters and every one of them has a huge part to play in the story. The backstory of the SL9 Incident was brilliantly detailed. The way that the case was so complex, with the two simultaneous cases in the Evidence Room and the Prosecutors' Office, was really amazing. And the fact that the case had THREE investigation and court phases, and yet they were just as long as the later cases' sections that only used the two-day system, was just amazing. This case felt like it was never going to end. It has to be the weakest of the final cases, though, because it does drag on a little TOO much. A lot of the dialogue felt like it could have been cut and still worked fine. I'm also not a fan of the DS gimmicks, and the part with the video tape was just horrible. Overall though, still a wonderful case.

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#14
4. Turnabout Goodbyes (1-4)
A wonderful ending to PW1. Much as I like 1-5, I can't help but find it annoying how it kind of wrecks the perfect ending 1-4 gives the game. This case just screams 'final case' whereas 1-5 is pretty standalone. But then again, it's not like 1-5 could really be anything other than a final case either, so...meh, there's no real solution. Placing aside...just a brilliantly well done case. Yanni's change of identity and the way he went so far as to even burn his fingerprints was brilliant, and Manfred von Karma was just an excellent villain, one of the best in the series. In fact, he has to get credit as the best villain in the series just for the fact that he pretty much screwed up the entire main cast's lives, directly or indirectly. The taser moment was epic and realising that he retrained the parrot even more so. In fact, the parrot's cross examination was just a wonderful section. Falls to fourth place only because the top three are just that good, not because there's anything wrong with this case.

3. Bridge to the Turnabout (3-5)
Honestly, when I first finished the Japanese GS3 with the translation guide, I immediately decided, 'Best case in the series, no contest'. Over the years, of course, as the initial excitement faded, I did end up deciding that 2-4 did manage to beat this case, but it's not by much. The thing that all my top three have in common, in all honesty, is that the actual case isn't really what's important. It's seeing every major character of the game (or in this case, series) come together in one epic battle. I just love that feeling, so yes, I'll admit that my love for this case is really based on the fanservice. The case itself is kind of ridiculous, of course, and there's no way that it could actually work, but I don't really care. I love those moments of brilliance like the body-pendulum. It wouldn't be AA without that kind of stuff, after all. Also, I don't share the majority of the fanbase's dislike for the plot being based around spirit channeling.

2. Turnabout Ablaze (5-5)
I actually wasn't really all that impressed with this case at first, but it quickly picked up and became one of my favourites ever. Two murders in one case was a fantastic idea, and a perfect excuse to switch Edgeworth's partner around a lot. Franziska, Kay and Gumshoe all contribute something, which is great. Lang is awesome in this case too, and Larry and Oldbag are also excellent. 'THE STEEL SAMURAI AND THE PINK PRINCESS ARE HERE TO AID YOU IN YOUR BATTLE WITH THE EVIL MAGISTRATE!!!' was an absolutely epic moment, and Edgeworth's 'Objection! Go away!' was even better! The final confrontation seems to be a love/hate thing, but I personally thought it was probably the best finale of the series and loved every minute of it. No other AA villain has put up anything like the same amount of resistance, and it really took everyone to bring him down. One thing I don't think anyone will disagree with is the brilliant revelation of the Shih-na/Yew connection. Most shocking moment in the series? It's possible.

1. Farewell, my Turnabout (2-4)
Manfred von Karma would be proud of this case. Absolute perfection. I'm not even going to bother ranting about it, honestly – others have done that more than enough already, and its status as the best case in the series is already almost undisputed throughout the fandom. It should be no real surprise to anyone that it would top my list.

User Info: emerald_hammer

7 years ago#15
I don't get the criticism of the broken neck thing. Having a broken neck doesn't necessarily mean instant death or even movement stopping. It's absolutely medically plausible for him to have had enough time of conscious movement to write the name before death.
...to paraphrase Voltaire.

User Info: General_Juma

7 years ago#16
Two things.

1. 1-5 never seemed to end, but you didn't have that problem with 5-5? I swear the final "battle" lasted as long as the entire case leading up to thta X_x

2. 3-5 is usually seen as better then 2-4(though I agree 2-4 is the best), so its not undisputed by any means
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User Info: l33t_3neru

7 years ago#17
I'm not going to take up space by writing prose for every case, so here's my list in ascending order.

23. Turnabout Memories (3-1)
22. The First Turnabout (1-1)
21. Turnabout Visitor (5-1)
20. Turnabout Corner (4-2)
19. Turnabout Big Top (2-3)
18. Recipe For Turnabout (3-3)
17. Turnabout Samurai (1-3)
16. The Kidnapped Turnabout (5-3)
15. Reunion, and Turnabout (2-2)
14. Turnabout Serenade (4-3)
13. Bridge To The Turnabout (3-5)
12. Turnabout Sisters (1-2)
11. Turnabout Airlines (5-2)
10. The Lost Turnabout (2-1)
9. Turnabout Trump (4-1)
8. Turnabout Beginnings (3-4)
7. Rise From The Ashes (1-5)
6. Turnabout Ablaze (5-5)
5. Turnabout Succession (4-4)
4. The Stolen Turnabout (3-2)
3. Turnabout Goodbyes (1-4)
2. Turnabout Reminiscence (5-4)
1. Farewell, My Turnabout (2-4)
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User Info: rashrules

7 years ago#18
That's a really good write-up, shadow chao. Funny thing is, the exact same thing happened to me in 3-5. I finished it and I think "OMG SO EPIC BEST CASE IN SERIES", but then I realize that, although it's made of epicness and fanservice, 2-4 was better.

3-5 had a little too much spirit channeling. And also, I realized that 2-4 was a better built case than it. 2-4 was made of plot twists. I spoiled myself that Engarde was the bad guy, and I thought "Huh, how can THIS guy be evil...?" Then came the 'evil hair flip', which smacks you on your face.

It's also the only case where your client is guilty and the killer (or should I say deKiller) gets away. Tell someone unfamiliar with the game that and then say "but everyone is happy and justice is served". They'll probably go "WTF?". Of course, they'll need to play through the awesomeness that is 2-4 to understand it.
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User Info: The Hero Of Time

The Hero Of Time
7 years ago#19
Shadow chao, a very nice detailed list. I will say two things about it... (Obviously, SPOILERS, but by this point you should know it already)

The problem I have with 2-2? Morgan Fey. Everything else in the case is good (Psyche-Locks, Franny, Pearl, Ms. Miney), but Morgan ticks me off.
- She's just oh-so smug. Phoenix should've suspected her of being part of it right from the get-go.
- Mia acts like her aunt's such a great planner, but really, she isn't. Her plan would've been wrecked had Lotta chose to stay behind while Phoenix called the police, or vice versa. Really, Cammy and Lance had far better cover-ups, and they didn't even intend on murdering anyone!
- Worst of all, you never get to call her out on it. She's the only villain that Nick (or Edgey/Mia/Apollo) never gets to own in a testimony. Even de Killer was caught in a contradiction.
That said, I do like the case otherwise.

Also, despite what you said, I can't see 3-4 working as a first case. For one, it would ruin the Godot mystery. You're not supposed to know what Diego looks/acts like. Second, it would be breaking tradition; Winston Payne is always the Case 1 prosecutor (AAI-1 doesn't count, as it's not in a courtroom, and Payne got a cameo anyways), and we can't just swap prosecutors, since Edgey didn't lose a case until 1-2. Third, 3-4 is a bit too complex for a first case; sure, they could ease it up a bit, but that would take away from the case. Finally, having Case 1 be a downer ending just... doesn't seem right, y'know?

I'll post my list in my next post due to character limits.
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User Info: The Hero Of Time

The Hero Of Time
7 years ago#20
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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