Rank all 23 cases(possible spoilers) part 2

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User Info: The Hero Of Time

The Hero Of Time
7 years ago#21
(Sorry, made an error in the Case numberings)

Anyways, here's my list:

23. 2-1 (I introduced my friend to the series with this case; I kinda regret it, since it's honestly the worst tutorial case to start on)

22. 1-1 (Not that much better, but a simple start works best)

21. 1-2 (As was explained, this case had the potential to be so much better)

20. 4-2 (The only reason this is higher than 1-2 is that the murderer wasn't obvious from the get-go)

19. 4-3 (I liked the cast of characters from this one, but the case itself was lousy; this case exemplifies one of the problems with the series as a whole; you have to point out the things the game wants you to, not what you would like to point out. Most of the time, this isn't a problem, but here...)

18. 1-3 (The first actually good case. By the standards of the series now, it falls a bit short, but still a good case)

17. 4-4 (A great case with some major, major flaws. shadow chao basically explained them, so I'm not going to)

16. 2-2 (I already explained my feelings about this case above; I like everything about it except for Morgan. It might've been in the Top 10 otherwise)

15. 2-3 (Hmm... see, if the whole case was like the first half, it'd be down around 20th; if it was more like the second half, it'd be around 10th; therefore, I place it here. The second half makes up for the first; Acro is awesome)

14. 3-1 (Playing as Mia was great, and it was good to see Grossberg again. A huge step up from the first two tutorial cases. Since T&T was my first game, this was my first case, and it's tough for a first case!)

13. I-1 (Why is this case so high? Portsman. Best Case 1-specific character ever. And I liked the way this case fit into I-5)

12. 4-1 (The best Case 1, hands down. Olga is a close second to Portsman for best Case 1-specific character, and the only Case 1 to have a true twist)

11. 3-3 (TIGRE! The cast makes this case good; otherwise, it wouldn't be this high. Oh, and Gumshoe is prominent throughout, a bit plus)

10. I-2 (An all-around good case. Though the murderer was pretty obvious, her cover-up was fantastic)

9. 3-4 (As you can probably tell, I do like this case; probably the best case in the series that doesn't have any investigation phases)

8. I-3 (The case overall was enjoyable; good cast, good cover-up, good backstory. The only problem is that one testimony of Lang's; you know the one)

7. 1-4 (The case actually seems a bit too short. A problem with the first game w/o 1-5 in general, but did you notice how few testimonies are in this case compared to the other final cases?)

6. I-5 (I wasn't sure on this one, but it was a well done case, with all the major players, and Palaeno is awesome)

5. I-4 (Fanservicey? Of course. Enjoyable? You bet!)

4. 1-5 (One of the most well-thought out cases in the series, and I like all the forensic stuff)

3. 3-2 (Since I started with T&T, this case holds a special place for me. Atmey had a great plan, and great testimonies)

2. 3-5 (A great way to finish off the original trilogy; great to see almost every major character)

1. 2-4 (I don't really need to explain this one, do I?)
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User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#22
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User Info: Frostshock

7 years ago#23
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: Frostshock

7 years ago#24
Actually the topic title probably isn't enough warning.


From: shadow chao 10 | Posted: 3/10/2010 12:29:16 PM | #014
One thing I don't think anyone will disagree with is the brilliant revelation of the Shih-na/Yew connection. Most shocking moment in the series? It's possible.

I have to say I saw it coming. In that case both Yew and Shih-na are on the profiles page and I saw the facial resemblances, and once she was starting to look like the murderer I thought it must be Yew. The only thing I couldn't figure out was the change in eye colour.
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User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#25
I honestly never noticed a resemblance, even when comparing them after the reveal.
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User Info: Lostmagicman

7 years ago#26
1) 3-5 Bridge to the Turnabout
2) 5-5 Turnabout Ablaze
3) 1-5 Rise from the Ashes
4) 1-4 Turnabout Goodbyes
5) 2-4 Farewell, my Turnabout
6)5-4 Turnabout Reminiscence
7)3-3 Recipe for Turnabout
8)4-1 Turnabout Trump
9) 3-2 The Stolen Turnabout
10) 4-2 Turnabout Corner
11) 5-2 Turnabout Airlines
12) 3-4 Turnabout Beginnings
13) 2-3 Turnabout Big Top
14) 5-3 The Kidnapped Turnabout
15) 1-3 Turnabout Samurai
16) 1-2 Turnabout Sisters
17) 2-2 Reunion, and Turnabout
18) 4-4 Turnabout Succession
19) 5-1 Turnabout Visitor
20) 3-1 Turnabout Memories
21) 4-3 Turnabout Serenade
22) 1-1 The First Turnabout
23) 2-1 The Lost Turnabout
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User Info: hombad46

7 years ago#27
" Zak tries to wreck Phoenix's reputation by beating him at poker, and gets so angry when he fails to do so that he hits Olga on the head with a grape juice bottle and knocks her out? What? This is the guy who's looking after your daughter, what the heck does Zak think he's doing? This is another thing that's just impossible to explain"

Zak is a jerk

User Info: hombad46

7 years ago#28
" you wouldn't know in advance that you would fail to convict her "

Actually, Edgeworth being the prosecutor when he his first loss is to Phoenix also kinda gives it away

User Info: shadow chao 10

shadow chao 10
7 years ago#29
True, but the average player wouldn't remember those few lines from 1-2 that would give that away by the time they get to 3-4.

It's a very good point that Godot's identity would be revealed too early in my scenario, however. I'm beginning to think that 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-1, 3-5 may have been the best order.
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User Info: General_Juma

7 years ago#30
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