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User Info: Publius_Canis

9 years ago#1
The teleporter stone thingy for the town you start in?

User Info: Red_Ramadan

9 years ago#2
Just outside town is a ring of standing stones.
The Teleporter stone is in the center of the circle.

User Info: Prostakma

9 years ago#3
Can someone say where is the teleport stone from Geldern please?

User Info: Red_Ramadan

9 years ago#4
Definately got that one from a chest, i think it might have been in the Geldern throne room building.

User Info: Publius_Canis

9 years ago#5
Gelderns is outside the southern exit. You'll see a group of rangerish looking people just outside the gate. Nearby to them there is a chest on the ground with a rock near it. The stone is on that rock.

There may be more than one stone though. I've found two for Okara.

User Info: Publius_Canis

9 years ago#6
Sigh... anyone know where Montera's is? They purposely make these hard to find :(

User Info: Red_Ramadan

9 years ago#7
There seems to be multiple stones for each town except Montera, for which no stone has been found.

Silden: North of town, at the stone circle.
Geldern: South of town, at the camp site with Boris.
Trelis: In the cellar below the temple in town.
Montera: No known teleporter stone.
Gotha: In the smithy or In a chest at the entrance in Gotha
Okara: On a rock left of the entrance
Vengard: In the cave in Gotha.
Faring: In the collapsed mine at the town entrance.
Ardea: In Conz house, or on the lower roof of the Lighthouse.
Reddock: Within a chest in the cave with Golems.
Cape Dun: In the Warehouse.
Nemora: Within a chest, at the right side of the North entrance.

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