wow the girl character is hot.

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User Info: KiNPiN1835

9 years ago#1
you're doing it wrong
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User Info: MagnumKain

9 years ago#2
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User Info: PringerX

9 years ago#3
Sad to say, but this topic isn't much worse/useless than most of the other ones around here. In one topic we have people foaming because someone said 2009 will be a good year for Castlevania (really going out on a limb, I know), and others people are already comparing the game to Jesus, even though all we have is a few screen shots, and more than six months of time for the game to be changed/worked on. It's no wonder the series doesn't sell very well.
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User Info: grans

9 years ago#4
Shanoa isn't so hot as she is elegant. She has a classical beauty that is fitting for the gothic-style of the CV games. I'm sick of the sex objects found in games (yes you heard right). I want to play as a female, but one that I can like as a character and not just something to stare at in a drooling manner. Shanoa seems to fits the bill perfectly. She seems pretty, graceful, powerful, and probably intelligent (to use her complex powers). I hope her personality is interesting as well.

Charlotte in POR was an interesting start, but she was a little annoying and had a childish air to her. I liked her, though. The anime style doesn't help these topics either. The SOTN style of art give the characters charm.
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User Info: SirJanyse

9 years ago#5
Maria throws birds. She wins the best CV female contest.
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User Info: MagnaderAlpha

9 years ago#6
Yeah, Shanoa's hot!!:

User Info: DFalcon

9 years ago#7
Hmph, so IGA's apparently gotten over his misogyny..

User Info: bloodelfking

9 years ago#8
He never had it to begin with, judging by him putting in Charlotte.
Castlevania remixes = godly.

User Info: G_gglypuff

9 years ago#9
Actually, I thought he had it after he put Charlotte in PoR.
It's because everytime there's a dialogue scene, it goes like this: Charlotte enters, Jon shows up, she goes back, the scene goes on. I couldn't help but to think that Jonathan could show up and stay behind when we're using Charlotte, but this must be just an accidental triggering that was never touched because it lets the speaking character stay on the front.

User Info: Ziegardel

9 years ago#10
"Yeah, Shanoa's hot!!:"

Woah, she is hot. She appears to like lances though, I wonder if she´s into whips...
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