So would Shanoa Beat Soma

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User Info: 19darkdenizen92

8 years ago#141
Well the video just shows that Iron golem can actuallly hurt others and not take damage or exchange it for mp unlike the Arma Machina. So in the case of a matchup with Iron Golem and Arma Machina, Iron Golem (Soma) would definately win. Although I'm just mentioning this for those who believe that it would be a stalemate in that situation. Also Soma is also invincible in the transformation sequence, so Shanoa can't really kill him in that instant.
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User Info: Raven_Shikumi

8 years ago#142
Transformation yeah, but not the initial charge up.
He is totally vulnerable, and as I said Shanoa would just have to use Light+Dark Union at that moment to kill Soma.

I'm not interesting in stalemates.

He would have to get out of IG to hit her anyway, since she could easily avoid his slow golem attacks.

Shanoa would never use Arma Machina, would never need to.
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User Info: XenocideHeart

8 years ago#143
Wow, I can't believe how these topics always end up like >_<. Anyways, arguing about two completely different characters in completely different games is like trying to go around and trying to prove that everyone likes apples more than oranges or vice versa. With that said, I'd like to shine some light on this battle.



Let me put on my monocles first. o_q

Anyways, first, we need to ditch all the levels and damage and not use that as an indicator as to which one is better. Now, I could use storyline elements, but then people will argue that as well. So what can we use to measure them?

Well... keep in mind that this is japanese, and every form of japanese animation uses the rules of hentai and h-doujins. Now, first, we'll look at Shanoa.

Shanoa is a girl that's been raised for the sole purpose of battling. Seems like she's unstoppable, right? Well, usually in hentai and h-doujins, these types of girls are quickly subjugated once they leave an opening, usually by weaker guys if they leave an opening. As the rules of Japanese adult materials state, girls with high magical and physical defenses must sacrifice sexual defenses.

Also, girls with a cold attitude are also easily dominated by sexual prowess if we follow the rules of hentai materials.

This puts Shanoa at a huge disadvantage if Soma gets the first strike in. However, will Soma get the first strike in and does he have what it takes?

Well, before the events of AOS, Soma was a pretty normal highschool guy with a healthy libido. His interactions with Mina is proof of his libido. To take down a girl like Shanoa, a normal highschool guy would normally have to take part in blackmail if this was hentai, and we're assuming this is because that's the basis of my argument.

However, Soma has the power of Dracula, so is that really necessary? He can transfer the energy of all the souls that he's dominated to here. *Draws a large circle around Soma's crotch*

He can then proceed to use his "Domination" technique on Shanoa by transferring those "Souls" to Shanoa's vulnerable points. *Draws some circles around Shanoa's body, (do I need to elaborate where?)*

Following hentai/h-doujin rules, Shanoa will be powerless for this moment no matter how much power she's supposed to have in the canon. However, since we're talking about two characters from completely different games battling each other, we can throw canon out the window.

After Soma completes his "Domination", Shanoa should be left in a perma-trance state and then she'll be unable to battle anymore. At this point, Soma can either recruit Shanoa in his team or leave her to find her own way out.


And this, my friends, is one way that Soma can defeat Shanoa. Seriously though, there are a bunch of "what ifs" that could tip the scales in any character's favor. Who you think would win is just personal opinion and Judgement, a fighting game, is not enough proof to prove that either is better than the other.

Well... I'll probably banned that I posted this... but it was worth it! Remember... even if this name is gone... I'll be watching.

User Info: EmpireZoso

8 years ago#144
XenocideHeart, you are SO going into my favorite user quote.
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User Info: Jigglysaint

8 years ago#145
I find it ironic that they decide to make the protagonist emotionless AFTER they abandon the anime art style.

User Info: ROFLMONSTER_azn

8 years ago#146
Shanoa = Max level 255
Soma = Max level 99

i think we know who the winner is here.........
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User Info: Xionos

8 years ago#147
Soma can eat rotten food and spoiled milk, Shanoa can't. Therefore Soma is more badass.

User Info: XenocideHeart

8 years ago#148
XenocideHeart, you are SO going into my favorite user quote.

Thanks. You know, if this game got popular enough, this would totally happen, although probably with anonymous man/demon #666 instead of Soma.

User Info: Schesparn

8 years ago#149
I like Shanoa. I really do. But she's fragile as glass. Getting caught by one full-charged Abbadon attack would pretty much be the end of her. See also: Drac's bat swarm attack. I think a good part of Soma's advantage lies in his versatility. If Shanoa is somehow cut off from her MP, she's helpless. I mean, granted, she could slide and kick, but that's about it. Soma, however, has numerous and varied weapons to fall back on.

Also, to the guy who said she could take him out in the charge-up for Iron Golem -- There's no charge-up. It only looks that way. He's invincible from the moment he activates it. I don't think it's fair to bring in the Nitesco/Sapiens Fio/Double Death Rings OR the Iron Golem/Chaos Ring, though,
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User Info: 19darkdenizen92

8 years ago#150
^TC said full power though. But the problem is that they both have broken abilities.
It's all fun and games, 'till someone's having a baby.
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