need help on jiang shi

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User Info: arukado_san

8 years ago#11
The stage take 4min at worst, and i can kill jiang under 15 sec

User Info: Doomsday Forte

Doomsday Forte
8 years ago#12
So you can pretty much fight him as many times as you want before you leave? I like it, I like it!
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User Info: Wyvern233

8 years ago#13
Well if that's how you all feel, but I prefer my ~60000 exp per run since it doesn't take over one and a half minutes for me, than that measly 5000-6000

User Info: Wyvern233

8 years ago#14
(Hierophant Ring x2)

User Info: arukado_san

8 years ago#15
Ok just checked, the boss is 6500HP i was correct

And he worth 2525 EXP, with x2 rings like you suggest then its 5050 EXP (under 30sec to beat him and you can repeat it)

So in 1min 30, you get 15150 EXP, where you get 6000 ....

User Info: BerserkLeon

8 years ago#16
... related question, is there a 3rd piece if Minerva armor or just the mail and greaves?
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User Info: Neh_Nekojin

8 years ago#17
Yes, there is a mask. I got it for beating the Large Cavern.

But it's not as good as Royal Crown.
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User Info: Ridureyu

8 years ago#18
He only goes back to life if you hit him again after killing him. when the fight is almost over, make sure you use a single hit attack (example: Melio Fascia instead of Nitesco). When you beat the Jiang Shi, it will have that piece of paper on its forehead - this is a nice little shout out to the mythological monster, of course. But that's how to keep the Jiang Shi down.

User Info: piscespeter3

8 years ago#19
if you want to kill him quickly without using OP combos or POW glyphs i used the vol luminatio as main, melio scutum as sub and the volaticus in support just in case you dont get out of the way by jumping. also i had one death ring and the heriophant. simply block the ball of energy and absorb the glyph then cast lum backstep loop till you reach wall double jump over him rinse repeat it takes a while but its a bit more satisfactory beating him in a legit way without getting hit.

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