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User Info: poohead80291

8 years ago#91
I read "tlts" as an acronym for "tactical lesbian training simulations", but then I noticed the "i" and was disappointed. ~Alphrin

User Info: wbloechel

8 years ago#92
excellent, well done
Warning: Above Post May Cause Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, And May Complicate Pregnancy.

User Info: TOMSPY77

8 years ago#93
The first few posts answered some basic questions quickly for me...thanks for all the info!
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User Info: Cobeh62

8 years ago#94
I broke the waterfall in tristis pass, without breaking the wall first, how do i get up the water now?

User Info: Jikkuryuu

8 years ago#95
This might not be so helpful after elvenspirits method using Falcis and Arcus but it bugs me every time I see 'use the ignis glyph union'.
Luminato+Umbra. You can get cubus as soon as you have umbra from Misty Forest Roads black fomors. (and luminato from the lighthouse of course)
Cubus has its moments, as does torpor. Most humanoid enemies are susceptible to at least one, torpor works exceptionally well on the automatons in the Giant's Dwelling and cubus saves my bacon from the lizardmen in Dracula's Castle.
For completeness sake someone might want to note that the atk of cubus is determined by both str and int, according to 5 minutes of equipment fiddling anyway.

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User Info: FlashinD

8 years ago#96
For the leveling method including the two double hammers in Training Hall, i've noted that the minimum attack stat fot doing +/- 1000 per shot is ~700

Right now, I'm doing that. I'm at level 118, I have 1 Death Ring + 1 Hierophant (sp?) ring, my attack (with max attributes) is 612+~90 (Sapiens Fio), and I do 1035 damage per shot.

As I write this, I find this rather useless, but I bet that it can be useful for someone. And if not, ignore me ~_~

User Info: Zeybrin

8 years ago#97
1b) Get the glyph in the Tymeo Mountains where wind is blowing me off the ledge (pneuma)?
What you'll need:
Magnes Glyph

-> In order to get the pneuma glyph in the Tymeo mountains, make your way to the top of the room and stand on the platform. Use magnes to latch on to the magnet in the middle of the glyph and launch yourself to the right. You'll want to launch yourself as medium strength - too hard and you'll fly off, to easily and you'll be blown off of the platform. As soon as you launch yourself, start holding up. If you launched correctly, you'll stop at the right end of the platform before you start being blown off. If you hold up fast enough, you'll absorb the glyph before you're blown off. Note that the tower ring does NOT help you get this glyph!


For getting the Pneuma. . . I found this to be a walk in the park if you add a hanged man ring to the equation. Sure you wont get the glyph till later in the game but. . . its not all that awesome anyway. . . I think getting the glyph later in the game is a great trade off for saving yourself a lot of frustration in the end.

User Info: Estpolis Denki

Estpolis Denki
8 years ago#98
Posting for reference on how damage works

mech gouki
Posted 6/11/2009 11:40:04 PM
message detail Formula

If Physical (Strike/Slash)
Enemy base attack - (Def / 2) = Base damage

If Magical (Fire/Ice/Lightning/Light/Dark)
Enemy base attack - Mnd = Base damage

Hard Mode
Base Damage = Base Damage * 1.5

Base damage / 3

Hard Mode Level 50 or 255 cap
Add 30 to damage
Minimum 31

Hard Mode Level 1
Add 60 to damage
Minimum 61

Posted 6/12/2009 2:56:03 PM
message detail Yep, I have just confirmed that everything you have said was indeed correct.

Here's my results of the experiment, but you have o remember, I'm playing on Hard Mode with a level cap of 255, so some of this damage is a little out of proportion (specifically the resisting section):

Physical damage
DEF: 30
Damage taken (from Black Panther) - 102

DEF: 31
Damage taken - 102

DEF: 32
Damage taken - 101

DEF: 33
Damage taken - 100 (maybe confirming the Hard Mode = damage*1.5)

DEF: 34
Damage taken - 99 (goes with the above statement about Hard Mode's damage)

DEF: 35
Damage taken - 99

(Note how the 1 DEF increase from 30->31 and 34->35 does nothing to lower the damage taken)

Magical damage
MND: 48
Damage taken (from White Fomor's Vol Luminatio) - 52

MND: 49
Damage taken - 51

MND: 50
Damage taken - 49 (also possibly confirming the Hard Mode = damage*1.5)

MND: 51
Damage taken - 48

MND: 52
Damage taken - 46 (again, another 2-point decrease)

(Note how at nearly every increase in MND, the damage decreased by at least 1)

Resisting damage
MND: 48 (with Onyx Pins on)
Damage taken without resist (against WF Vol Luminatio) - 52*

MND: 48 (with Diamond Pins on)
Damage taken with resist - 37*

*Damage taken is influenced by Hard Mode's +30 damage

So far, everything is believable and the data proves it...

Also, another thing to note about dealing damage to enemies is that, instead of resisting an element by dividing the base damage by three, it's divided by four instead... thought it was odd when I was testing.

Here's the results on that:

Damage to Zombie (with Vol Ignis) [weak to fire]: 189
Damage to Banshee [no influence on fire]: 126
Damage to Axe Armor [resists fire]: 31

126 x 1.5 = 189
126/4 =31.5
31.5 rounded down = 31**

**Apparently damage dealt, if ending up with ".5", rounds down in this game.

And that's about it on my tests...
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Posted 6/12/2009 4:49:47 PM
message detail The written strategy guide says Hard mode is Damage * 1.1 + CapBonus, which is 30 on 50 or 255, and 60 on 1.

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User Info: Persona-Z-

8 years ago#99
Luck/drop calculations

5 stars: 0.25%-3%
4 stars: 3%-6%
3 stars: 6%-9%
2 stars: 9-12%
1 star: 12%-100%

1 LCK= 0.05%
20 LCK = 1%

Source: Official japanese guide
For the hardcore CV player.

User Info: jamescom1

7 years ago#100
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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