Hardest castlevania bosses

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User Info: itachi134

8 years ago#1
Post a list of what you think are the 5 hardest bosses in castlevania

1- Brachyura, order of ecclesia
2- Eligor, order of ecclesia
3- Abaddon, dawn of sorrow
4- Blackmore, order of ecclesia
5- Beezlebub, symphony of the night

1 being the hardest and 5 being the weakest. this is also based on the first time you fight the boss.

User Info: Arpegiuz

8 years ago#2
lol at metrovania bosses xD
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User Info: bloodmage3

8 years ago#3
5: Dmitrii(DoS) and Doppelganger(PoR). If you give them some good equipment/souls that is.
4: Blackmore(or Blackloth, or whatever his name is)
3: Dracula(without rapidus fio that is)
2: Albus(OoE)
1: Dullehah(PoR) and Death(PoR). Unlike the above bosses, these guys can't be defeated in a cheap and easy way the first time you face them.

User Info: Viriless

8 years ago#4
The hardest bosses for me happen to be one from each of the main games.

Death- AoS
Some massive lightning giant- SotN
The sisters(no quick/proper holy win)- PoR
Blackmore- OoE
Final boss of Julius mode- DoS
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User Info: AnimeRPGFan

8 years ago#5
Rondo of Blood/Dracula X Draccy was such a pain. One bad move and it's into a bottomless pit. :(
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User Info: AnimeRPGFan

8 years ago#6
Correction: Plain Dracula X. THIS malignant ass:

Please, call me Loyal.
Nintendo has this whole thing about making people want to give them money and then not letting them do it.

User Info: Commander_Bokko

8 years ago#7
Even with those pits, Dracula wasn't that hard in that game. Despite the fact that the fight against Dracula from the original Castlevania was very similar but without the pits, it was much harder simply because you had to time your whip lashes perfectly to avoid getting hit by his fireballs and 4 hits killed you while it took like 20 to kill him. I remeber beating Dracula X way back when even just reaching Dracula in the original Castlevania still seemed impossible to me.

Also, lol at Castleroid bosses making it into lists. Any of the bosses in the later levels of the 3 NES games was way harder than any Castleroid boss. There was no sissy equipment or items back then. Or hyper or even double jumps to fix screwups. Just you, your whip, and whatever sub-weapon you had.

And even more lol at Brachyura being first in the OP's list.
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User Info: Alpharhino

8 years ago#8
Dracula in the first one. Seriously he was absolutely insane. Dodging his attacks required way more skill than I ever had. Even getting to him was near impossible.

Close second to Forgotten One on the hard difficulty in Lament of Innocence. If not as hard, certainly a ton of fun

User Info: semianonymous

8 years ago#9

in no order

- she-wolf (x68000, chronicles)

- Death (CV1)

- Death (bloodlines, if your luck was bad)

- Hydra in DXC gave me massive issues

- Dracula in CV1

Special mention to every boss in Haunted Castle

User Info: MoxRavager

8 years ago#10
If you didn't use any overpowered weapons or cheap tactics Galamoth was the hardest.

Abaddon is extremely hard in julius mode in DoS
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