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User Info: Fencedude

8 years ago#1
With the release of SRWZ upon us, it is time for the laying down of groundrules and the providing of information.

Before making a topic, please search the board to see if a topic already exists answering your question. Also consult the Akurasu Wiki ( for answers to common questions. We will be working to keep it as up to date as possible.

Furthermore, this thread will contain all the information currently known to date, as compiled by greato_boosta, who will be posting it shortly after this.

And with that, have a wonderful SUPER ROBOT WARS ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: Shui Gor

Shui Gor
8 years ago#2
i think you should sticky this, fence
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User Info: greato_boosta

8 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: greato_boosta

8 years ago#4


2. I am very sure that there I missed a few pieces of information and that there are several corrections that need to be addressed. If you notice any of them, please point them out and I will add them accordingly. Thanks!

3. Credit for all the information here goes to: Rasmiel, Gahleon, sou, BassGSnewtype, jlh28532, Shale0, Tevor the Third, CrunchyBeverage, dragonaznboi, JackRydden224, Shirakawa Akira, Fencedude, and nitake92

4. Credit to the good folks over at SRWG - W: Credit for all the information here goes to: Gaogaigar, Yuudestiny, valsioune, Milkman Dan, and DSVeno

5. Credit goes to the following websites:

1. Super Robot Hot News (

2. Super Robot Taisen Z Japanese Wiki (

Overman King Gainer (NEW)
The Big O
The Big O Second Season (NEW)
Invincible Superman Zambot 3
Invincible Iron Man Daitarn 3
Combat Mecha Xabungle
Mobile Suit Z Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
After War Gundam X
Turn A Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Getter Robo G
UFO Robo Grendizer
Space Emperor God Sigma (NEW)
Genesis of Aquarion (NEW)
Psalms of the Planets Eureka Seven (NEW)
Super Dimension Century Orguss (NEW)
Space Warrior Baldios (NEW)
Ultra Weight God Gravion (NEW)
Ultra Weight God Gravion Zwei (NEW)


September 25, 2008.
The game will come a booklet and a premium disc of sorts, and will retail for 8,379 yen.

User Info: greato_boosta

8 years ago#5


a. The squad system in Super Robot Taisen Z is called the "Tri - Battle System". From the looks of it, it seems to be a sort of blend of the Alpha 3 squad system and the Twin System in OGS.

b. Unlike Alpha 2 and 3, there are no costs assigned to each individual unit when forming squads. A number limitation (maximum of three units) similar to the Twin System in OGS will instead be used.

c. Nekketsu / Hot Blood / Valor is learned very late into the game so Terada advises the player to wisely use the Tri – Battle System to make up for this.

d. Battle Formations will be utilized with each squad:

Tri Formation
- The squad leader gets in front, and other members behind him
- Only the squad leader attacks, UNLESS:
- when you are using a Tri Charge Weapon, at which point:
- it will become an ALL attack by all members that have an ALL weapon
- Able to use support defense where the squad members will take the damage for the leader
- You can only use the TRI attack when in an squad, and they generally have little ammo (2~4)
- Every unit has a TRI Weapon, and when all the squad members use their respective TRI Weapons, it becomes an ALL attack

Center Formation
- The squad members get in front, while the leader gets behind
- Support defense by the squad members activates
- When a squad member has a BARRIER ability, it applies to the whole squad
- In this formation, you always concentrate the fire on one enemy

Wide Formation
- The squad leader is placed in the center while the squad members are placed at sides
- The squad leader attacks the enemy leader; the squad members attack the enemy members
- The squad leader's attack power is higher than in the Center Formation
- When the squad receives an ALL attack from the enemy, the squad members' defense increase

e. Unit shuffling / randomization for squad formation will be available.

f. There is a Tutorial Mode, but Terada assures that the player can learn the system during actual play.

g. There are special lines when putting a squad from the same series together (i.e. Shin, Lunamaria and Rey). Slightly increased damage can also be expected from such squad setups.

h. Extra damage is dealt if you surround an enemy.

- 2~3 Platoons = Damage 5% Up

- 4 Platoons (Completely surrounded) = Damage 10% Up


a. A Bazaar similar to the one used way back in Super Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden will once again be available.

b. The Bazaar System uses BS (Blue Stone) to buy / sell units, parts, and items.

c. Bazaar items and prices change according to scenario.

d. You can sell parts to gain BS.

e. You cannot sell units and items.

f. There are split routes where the Bazaar will not be available

g. Additional weapons can also be purchased from the Bazaar. Their exact nature, however, is undisclosed.


- Terada mentioned that the "SR Point" (aka skill points) ONLY increases the difficulty of the game, and will not affect the story or get you any secret units. With a high SR point, the game becomes severely hard. He suggests going for it in the second run (other than those who claim to be SRW pro's). SR Points are basically additional goals the player can optionally choose to complete which are usually independent from the requirements to complete each stage. Obtaining SR Points grants the player an additional 25 PP.


User Info: greato_boosta

8 years ago#6
4. Aquarion's pilot system

- 7 members
- Aquarion will have 3 pilots
- The members are changeable (Apollo will always be one of the pilots)
- Depending on which character you choose as the main pilot and in which Aquarion you choose to use, some of Aquarion's weapons will change
- There are 5 patterns for pilot placement:
Apollo, Sirius, Silvia
Apollo, Pierre, Silvia
Apollo, Sirius, Reika
Apollo, Pierre, Reika
Apollo, Jun, Tsugumi

5. Aquarion's Elemental system
- When the main pilot's will reaches above 130, the Elemental System activates
- The pilots of the Aquarion will gain the stats for each stat category based on the highest one in the team. So for example, if Apollo has the highest melee stat, the other two will copy that stat, and Apollo will copy shooting stat from whoever has the highest number in the team, etc.. Kind of works like souped up Synchronization Seishin in OGs.

6. Gravion's Gasshin system
- When Touga's will reaches 130, you may change Grankaiser into God Gravion
- However, you can only use God Gravion for 3 turns, and it is only usable once per map
- Gravion's cut-in is displayed only on the first Gasshin

7. The Satellite Cannon
- This weapon can only be used in maps where the moon is visible
- You must wait for 4 turns for it to charge each time you want to use it
- When it is done charging, you will be notified with a cut-in animation
- Two variations; an ALL Attack Satellite Cannon, or a MAP Attack Satellite Cannon

8. Current known pilot seishin and skills:

Lock On (15)
able to learn Supply ability
Rand's Squad Leader Bonus negates special weapon effects

Rand with Terada's Birthday (11/11)
Impression (10) Invincible (10)
able to learn Supply ability
Rand's Squad Leader Bonus negates special weapon effects

Inspect (1)
She has an unrevealed ability …

Invincible (10)

Intuition (20) Concentrate (15) Snipe (15)
Hit and Away

Concentrate (15)
Over Skill

Concentrate (15)

Setsuko with Terada's Birthday (11/11)
Impression (10) Concentrate (10) Flash (10)

Intuition (20)

Lock On (15) Trust (10) Invincible (10)

Concentrate (15)
Has the pilot ability that gives him extra morale at the start of the stage, which allows the Excalibur to be used early.

Alex / Athrun
Intuition (Lock On + Flash)(20) Concentrate (15)

Lock On (20) Accelerate (10)

Guts (25)

Inspect (1)

Lock On (30)

Concentrate (15)

Concentrate 15 SP
Pilot Skill at lvl 13:
Psychic Power lv 2
Support Attack lv 1
Back-up Attack (when attacking as a squad member the PLATOON attack is more powerful)
Squad Leader Bonus: Accuracy +10

Morale + (hitting an enemy)
Pre-empt : when morale reaches 130 increases hit, dodge and critical rate

Katsuragi Kei
Concentrate (15)
Strong Luck
Attack Again
Leadership Bonus:
+20% damage against male pilots
-20% damage against female pilots

Maria Freed
Psychic Power
Back-up Attack

Jiron Amos
Guts + (recovers all HP)
Jinzoku (team movement + 4)
Battle Spirit
Support Attack
Leadership Bonus:
The entire squad gets Battle Spirit

Ref Technique
SP Recover

User Info: greato_boosta

8 years ago#7
9. Current known weapon sets:

a. The Big O:
Iron Line 1-7 (Platoon)
Grapple 1-2 (P)
Missile Party 1-5 (Tri)
Chrome Buster 1-5 (ALL)
Sudden Impact 1-3 (P)

b. Overman King Gainer
Chain Gun (shot)
Chain Gun (sword)
Photon Mat (this is for squad use)

c. Gain's machine has 4 weapons

d. Turn A Gundam
Karate chop
Beam rifle
Gundam hammer
Beam saber
Beam rifle (rensha) (TRI)

e. Blast Impulse Gundam (NOTE: Impulse can change its equipment if Minerva is within a certain range. When the packs are replaced, the unit's HP and EN become completely refilled. However, each silhouette can only be used once per stage.)

20 mili CWIS
4 barrel missile launcher
Beam javelin
Beam rifle (rensha) -> tri attack
Kerberos -> ALL attack

Blast Impulse and Turn A's movesets courtesy of this page:

10. Units that won't be making an appearance
Hi Nu Gundam
Orguss Tank mode
Power Golem
Gundam Air Master
Gundam Leopard

11. Current known Mecha Stats:

a. Overman King Gainer

- Over Skill - Activated when the pilot's Over Sense is lv 2 or higher with at least 130 morale. Mobility and Accuracy are increased by 10 and each level of (ie Over Skill + lv 7 Over sense = +17 Mobility and Accuracy).

- Photon Mat

- Stats:
HP 3400
EN 140
Armor 900
Mobility with OS 132
Accuracy with OS 152
Air : A
Ground : B
Sea : B
Space B

b. The Big O

c. Gran Kaiser

d. God Gravion

Starting attacks for God Gravion:
Graviton Pressure Punch
Graviton Rifle
Graviton Sword
Graviton Missiles
Graviton Arc

User Info: greato_boosta

8 years ago#8
12. Other confirmed units:
Nirvash Spec 3
Andrew Waltfield's Gaia
Full Armor Parts for the Hyaku Shiki Kai can eventually be bought at the Bazaar

13. Notes on skills

a. Pilot Points (PP) - Points obtained by each character during battle, which can be spent on Skills available for purchase in the Intermission Menu.

b. Attack Again (New Skill) – When the pilot's skill stats are 20 points higher than the enemy's, he can support attacks himself directly after the enemy attack. The skill costs 1200 PP (but was originally revealed to be 1600 – 1800). Each mission gets the player about 50 – 60 PP.

c. The Concentration (SP Cost reduced to 80%) SP Regenerate abilities are not available for purchase, though the latter has been confirmed to be innate in some pilots (eg: Eureka). SP Up is present and purchasable.

d. PP cannot be used to increase individual pilot stats.

e. Current known skill costs:

- Counter – 100
- Support Attack – 500
- Attack Again – 1200
- Support Defend - 500
SP Up – 100
- Warring Spirit - 400

14. Other Miscellaneous Notes

a. According to the people who participated in the testing, BGMs are high quality

b. Over Skills have cut-ins

c. Quick saves are incredibly fast.

d. Loading time is about the same as OGs.

e. A cut – in for a minor character is present.

f. Z is very richly detailed in many areas.

g. The reason for omitting separable units as playable units was the amount of data and workload. It would be possible, though, if the animation quality was like that of Alpha's.

h. Gundam X can switch between the Divider and the Satellite Cannon.

i. There are noticeable differences in animation between situations where you are shooting at the enemy in the air and shooting at the enemy on the land. This made the workload increase too much, though, so the creative team is going to take it a bit easier the next time around.

j. Baldios has an after image ability.

k. You can now use auto mode in 4 different speeds using the right stick.

l. You can skip animations, and you can still fast forward animations using Circle button.

m. Getter Change Attack animations change depending on which Getter form executes it.

n. The limit for upgrades is 10 blocks

o. Individual stat increases are shown when a character levels up.

p. Boss HP will not be incredibly high this time around. TO change things up a bit, their HP is significantly lowered, yet player characters' Seishin points will also be significantly lowered.

q. An Accuracy Modifier is present since some characters do not learn Concentrate or Sure Hit Seishin.

User Info: greato_boosta

8 years ago#9

1. Super Robot Taisen Z has a complete, stand alone story.

2. Super Robot Taisen Z may be the first in a new saga, but it’s currently uncertain. The creative team will decide after the game is fully completed.

3. A good primer for the Super Robot Taisen Z storyline would be the beginning of Super Dimension Century Orguss. Orguss is the main story.

4. King Gainer is one of the story's main arcs, but the Power Golem will not appear.

5. Xabungle is set after the original story (like how they handled G Gundam in MX).

6. Gundam X and Turn A Gundam will start out already in the middle of their story.

7. The new series entries will all basically start from the beginning of their stories.

8. Quattro will not betray the player side.

9. The Baldios series events will include scenes from the movie version. Terada accidentally let slip out (as a spoiler) that the tsunami that occurs in the story will also be included in the game.

10. The Aquarion and Eureka Seven series endings will cross over.

11. The default team name is “ZEUTH”

12. Stories were prepared for both the “Three Ships (aka Kira)” side and the ZAFT (aka Shinn) side of the Seed Destiny arc.

13. The battle with King Vega takes place in stage 4, Setsuko Route.


1. Megaupload link (thanks very much to CrunchyBeverage for this!):

2. Screens -

3. Mediafire link (Thanks again to CrunchyBeverage for this!):

4. Youtube link (Credit goes to Ovan of SRWG-W):

5. HQ version (Credit goes to CrunchyBeverage):

6. Highest Quality version:

This version of the PV is 890 MB large and has a 1270 x 720 resolution.The download link above is only for the torrent file. You will need a bittorent client to download the actual PV.

As of this writing, however, the torrent is pretty much dead, as there are no available seeders.


1. Part 1:

2. Part 2:

User Info: Shui Gor

Shui Gor
8 years ago#10
n. The limit for upgrades is 10 blocks

it's simultaneous upgrading, right?
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