Act 3 Symbiote Samples .... Please Help!

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User Info: Spidey-Fan00

8 years ago#1
As the title states i'm on Act 3 and i've been stuck there for 2 days now .... I've somehow collected 2/6 of the symbiote samples. Need all the other optional ones like the Berserker, Vulturling, ect .... I've read on previous posts that you should stand near or next to the symbiote when it detaches from a person to 'collect' a sample, i've done this many times before and still only have 2/6? I've been from one end of the city to the other from the rooftops to running along the street ... the only kinds i have found are the zombie like whites, the smaller venom lookalike type and the larger blue/redish colour (Berserker i'm guessing?) I was fighting the new Brawler type is it, the white/red ones which kick you're ass ... but these have also gone away.
Anyway, sorry this is a little long winded i'm just tryin to explain with as much detail without making it so long no one will read .... lol Any help, info or advise would be awesome, cheers.

User Info: RidleysShadow

8 years ago#2
I couldn't find any real rhyme or reason to getting symbiote samples, just killing the enemy type eventually got it for me. If it does have something to do with getting close, webstrike attacks usually can keep you next to the enemy. The only advice I can give is don't give up.
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User Info: ravenmonk

8 years ago#3
i have the following stats for samples, and i've been kicking butt all over the city for a few hours at least, fighting all types


and then for the total at the bottom is says
if i'm not mistaken

i'm also stuck at this point, but the game is well done

User Info: charlessunkyst

8 years ago#4
The way it's worded is confusing as hell. You "collect" a sample by killing a symbiote after removing it from the host. Not just killing that type of enemy, but killing the black blob that randomly appears after KOing a symbiote and freeing the host human. Only, they never seem to appear if you KO them in the air.

And you need to get one of each type of Symbiote. You need to kill one of the regular black symbiotes, one of the fast white ones (not the slow white "zombies") one of the large heavy black ones, one of the flying vulture ones, one of the Electro ones, and annoyingly because they don't explain it, one of the large heavy RED symbiotes that don't even show up for the first time till you're a good chunk of the way through act 3. That's what each of the 0/1's is for. the 4/6 is just the total of all of the ablve 0/1's So if you killed a regular black symbiote blob, and a heavy large black symbiote blob, that one goal will read 2/6.

User Info: charlessunkyst

8 years ago#5
minor spoilers...

the reward for your efforts is that later in the game the Tinkerer develops a bomb that will seperate the symbiote from the host on any of the symbiote types you've "collected" samples of, making the saving/freeing people goals much easier.

User Info: McGriff67

8 years ago#6
No one has given an answer yet. I've been doing the same friggin thing, swinging all over the city trying to distinguish one symbiote between another. They are sooooooo lucky I spend a huge amount of time just randomly swinging around fighting anyone who is willing anyway or I would really be ticked off.
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User Info: charlessunkyst

8 years ago#7
If you can't figure out what to do from what I've said, then best of luck to you in life.

User Info: Arcian Darkrobe

Arcian Darkrobe
8 years ago#8

I didn't bother going after completing the "collection" tasks, until after the Symbiote Wolverine fight, and S.H.I.E.L.D. base invasion. I had tried to do them before, and found that it was taking forever. However, after waiting until late in the game, it was a piece of cake. Seems that the mission is given early, but to actually complete it, you need to wait until just before the evacuations --> black cat 2 series, where you can't save anymore.

This is extremely easy to do, if you're using the ground XXX pause XXX combo for black suit. Since there are tons of enemies around at the end, you'll notice you're slaughtering all but the Vulture versions in 1 - 2 combos. As the red suit, I'd use the rapid web going in (really helps when pods are around, as well as electro syms), then pick one of 2 combos. Either use the full flurry punch + finisher, or string XXXXX + A + XXX hold X combo. (this links the ground combo w/ the air combo)

Note, that "venom types" are hard to ground combo, because of the "break" they use. (unless using the black suit at range)

You can also complete some of these missions by using the Air Strike, Evacuate, and Symbiote Bomb missions. Just note you have to stay in range of the explosion to get credit. (game sucks that way, for the air strike stuff, just stay near the outer edge of the explosion)
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