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User Info: Negrohart

9 years ago#1
The second costume is ben Reilly's Version of Spider-man (NOT SCARLET SPIDER)

i will find a way to put a pic but for now trust my word.
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User Info: Cauldryn

9 years ago#2
i trust you i recently unlocked spidey 2099 also but he dosent have the cool webbing hanging from his back. ;_;
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User Info: sonicisthebest1

9 years ago#3
i wish you could use them in battle.
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User Info: Ganados0

9 years ago#4

I have unlocked cosmic spiderman and carnage spider which replaces the blue suit.

User Info: thoul

9 years ago#5
Blue suit? You mean the black suit?

So it sounds like there are four sets of suits, with two suits in each set, and one working like the classic red and the other working like the black suit. Is that accurate?
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User Info: Negrohart

9 years ago#6
whoa i want 2099 spidey. But yeah i think your right that there is a few for the red and a few for the black. Whos knows maybe even venom.
" Either knife or either gun, Sometimes dying can be fun"
-Peter (Funny Games)

User Info: Abascas

9 years ago#7
i've gotton 5 of the 6 costumes, and only the carnage one changes the black suit at all. the one i'm missing is the one that you have to get 750 tokens, and i doubt i'll really do that.....so yeah, i'm guessing that that one also effects the black suit though.
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User Info: Samzam2058

9 years ago#8
Please post pics. I really want to see Spider-Carnage. I wish I had a Wii.

User Info: Samzam2058

9 years ago#9

Hey so the Suits so far are:

Red Sub:

Cosmic Spider-Man

Ben Reilly

Spider-Man 2099

Black Sub:


What are the other 2?

You forgot to mention the Captain Universe costume.

Also, does having different costumes affect your combat or fighting style. Or are they just different suits to look at?
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