New Spider-man game in 2010

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User Info: KryptonianX

7 years ago#1

User Info: Witty-Web-Head

7 years ago#2

Yeah, I've heard about this. I think Radical is developing the game. Hope Activision is paying attention to the fantastic critical response for Batman: Arkham Asylum and willl take their time with this to make another truly fantastic Spider-Man game.

User Info: vestige16

7 years ago#3
Please at least this time I hope we can play as other characters besides Spidey. I mean many people say "its a spider-man game" which means you can only play as spider-man but i mean that is no excuse, where else can i play as Blackcat she's not big enough to come out with her own game. I miss when they actual gave Spider-man games cheat codes espeacially play as the Green Goblin code.

Blackcat would be awesome to play as I mean she cant be that hard to create as a playable, i mean come on she can jump high as spider-man to go from building to building she even has grappling hooks in which she can swing as spider-man.

****And don't bring up the fact she was playable in Friend or Foe b/c that wasn't like a free roam game as Spider-man WoS.****

User Info: TrickSlapper

7 years ago#4
i hope the developers are reading my post this is what I want you to put in for the next game

I want to be able to pick of peds and swing them around the city and drop them mid air
I want blood
i want to pick up dogs and throw them againt buildings or off of buildings
I want to be able to play as most of the villians for a cheat code like lizard venom and carnage
i want custom music dialga.

User Info: Witty-Web-Head

7 years ago#5

I hope you're joking, dude. ^

And why do we need to play as other characters, that would take away from it being Spider-Man's game.

User Info: GuyverXD

7 years ago#6
Hey Trick there's a game called Prototype you might want to give it a try
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User Info: JLN2854

7 years ago#7
Amen web head. Batman AA offers an excellent learning opportunity for whoever is developing the next spider-man game. #3 (movie and the game) were both disappointing to say the least. There is a good opportunity to add a stealth portion(s) to the game (like in the first game). Can you imagine webbing someone to the ceiling silently then watching as his buddy finds him? Awesome.

My biggest complaints however, are with the combat, the camera, and the graphics. Maybe the developers for this game should map fighting to one button just like in BAA and you just point the stick in the direction you want spider-man to fight. My other complaint is with the awful camera. It's absolutely nauseating when you're climbing up walls. You will guaranteed get a headache within a couple of minutes. I remember when this game was first announced, I was feeling great joy. The chance to be Spider-Man in next gen New York sounded fantastic. But the graphics were definitely average at best.
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User Info: KryptonianX

7 years ago#8
I just hope we have different playable costumes this time, and that we can change from peter to spidey at anytime.

User Info: lncredibIeHuIk

7 years ago#9
Radical sucks every game sucked
cant get much worde than that
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User Info: hjk1999

7 years ago#10

:0 That looks freaky! Spider-Man killed a girl!!!! :O

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