My thoughts on Monopoly for wii

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User Info: eaglehawk2008

8 years ago#1

I played monopoly for the wii for a bit over the weekend, I have the following complaints.

1. You cannot turn off the stupid music.
2. Mr. Moneybags gets annoying after the 2nd time he's said the same friggen thing.
3. If you don't have an HDTV you can't see the text very well.
4. You can't play online with others.

User Info: moopenguin

8 years ago#2
I agree with 2 and 4. I did not realize 3 was an issue as I have an HDTV. I actually like the music (maybe I'm weird).

I wish the following was available or a feature in the game:

1. Option to turn off Mr. Monopoly
2. Option to turn off auctions (I just want to be able to pass on buying something without the computer being able to buy it)
3. Use your Mii as a game token
4. The game tokens were animated as they moved around the board (like the 1995 PC version)
5. Could grant immunity from paying rent to other players and include this as a part of trading (like the 1995 PC version)
6. Had Nintendo styled boards
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User Info: iamdaman13

8 years ago#3
You can turn off forced auctions, it's under the "house rules" button when you're setting up the game. I wish you could view a property deed when you land on a property before having to click to buy.

User Info: plagamesforeva

8 years ago#4
Non of these complaints bothers me. what would bother me is the inaccurracy of the rules of the game and or bugs/glitches. Are there any of thos issues???

User Info: CooperF4

8 years ago#5
I agree, Mr. Monopoly should be an option as to whether you hear his audio or not. I suppose I can live with it.

On the music, it doesn't bother me, and I feel it's actually a pretty good fit for the game.

As for reading the properties, I have them all pretty well memorized, and information I need such as rent rates and costs of houses/hotels is all readily available in most situations, so no complaints there for me. (Note, I do have the Wii hooked up via component cable to a very nice 42-inch Samsung LCD TV.)

The other odd thing I noticed is that (and I checked this on Wikipedia to confirm) is that the board in the game (the classic board that is) represents what is apparently the new standard Monopoly board as of September 2008. There are three big changes and they are as follows:

Mediterranean and Baltic Avenues are now colored brown instread of purple.

Income Tax is now a $200 fee every time with no option for paying 10%.

Luxury Tax is now $100 instead of $75.

Apparently this new version of the board is meant to better represent what is seen in the foreign editions of the game. This is odd because I bought a new copy of the actual board game just a few weeks ago, and it didn't have these changes. I suppose it was made before September 2008.

User Info: wizawort

8 years ago#6
the income tax will do 10% only if you are under 200

User Info: derangedyoshi

8 years ago#7
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: derangedyoshi

8 years ago#8
moopenguin: I agree with most points but, certainly in the UK (where I am) the auctions are a part of game rules and I think they're a good idea myself.
CooperF4: In the UK, the taxes are the 200/100 as you described. Not knowing what properties you refer to though, I don't know - the two cheapest (the ones right after GO) are brown.
For my own opinion, I wish there was a way to have four players with two remotes - I can't really play with my family.

User Info: Omega_Chimera

8 years ago#9
I landed one income tax on the first turn (with 1500) and payed 200. I think you can choose 1 or multiple remotes to play with in multiplayer, then how many humans.
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User Info: evirus

8 years ago#10
the interface is vary poor. and the transitions to accounts mode is unnecessary.
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