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User Info: Link2Kev

6 years ago#1

I loved this game and have been a fan of the series for a while.Can any recommend any similar games? Other games that I want to try are Enslaved as well just to give you an idea of the style of games I am looking for.

User Info: blaqphantom

6 years ago#2
Assassins Creed, Prototype, PoP Forgotten Sands, Uncharted, the new Tomb Raider game coming out, Batman AA/AC

User Info: streetfighter76

6 years ago#3
Similar games to this... "game"?
Mmmh... Let's see :

- Kung Fu Panda
- Lego Harry Potter
- Lego Batman
- Lego Indiana Jones
- Actually, all sorts of Lego games (All of them are as challenging as this '08 tough cookie)
- Maybe some Dora the Explorer games, (If it exist any of those)
- Some Barbie games

There are LOTS of games for casuals these days, you won't have trouble finding many of those...
Or you can always go to the settings of some other GOOD games and set your game on "Piss Easy" mode.

User Info: streetfighter76

6 years ago#4
Oh! I remember another one :

Spyro The Dragon.
After 15 minutes trying to play that stupid game, i had more fun using the disc as a freezbe.

But in the case of this PoP '08 crap, i had to burn it; i didn't want the possibility of another gamer having to suffer while "trying" to play this ****.

User Info: NillzGrillz

6 years ago#5
Since streetfighter76 can't actually be bothered to answer in a way that isn't obnoxious and condescending, I'll answer for him.

Enslaved is a really great game, and very similar to this one, so it's good that you're also looking into that one.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow actually had some pretty good platforming in it for what it was. Very enjoyable game, and about five times longer than this one, if not more.

Also, have you tried The Forgotten Sands? It's a good game, even if it does go back to the Sands of Time saga instead of continuing the storyline from this one.

User Info: streetfighter76

6 years ago#6
Obnoxious and condescending - Thanks, these are the adjectives that PERFECTLY describe this "game", in fact i should go and create a topic about it now... Meh, maybe latter...

But i simply mentioned some other games that IMO have a similar gameplay style as this crap.
Maybe it was its "stellar" gameplay that captivated him, so... Who knows?

Anyway... How does Enslaved play NillzGrillz? You know what i mean :
Is it as BORING to play because of the lack of challenge and actual control over your character and what happens on screen or is it different.
I wanted to try it some time ago, but there's a sea of GREAT games out there and i fear that one will get lost in it.

I played Forgotten Sands for 20 minutes and it's very easy too, but it has the TRUE feeling of a good PoP game.
Who cares about a mildly entertaining storyline if the actual GAME plays in such an awful way as this '08 ****?

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