Nobody likes of Spyro?

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User Info: Guilherme546

8 years ago#1

I've never seen an uncommented game before, but The Legend of Spyro series broke the record.There has been 3 games, 3, and nobody said a word about any of them. I know, the PSONE Spyro sucks, but the last three games are very different (and better) that in the begining of the carreer. Principally this last game, that is the best cooperative Spyro game I've ever seen! It's impossible that nobody liked, so, come'on, tell what you thinked, what you liked, what you hated about the Spyro games. It isn't so hard.

User Info: Vicsthebest

8 years ago#2
Problem is this game is on too many platforms, thus the people that play it don't have a common place to post. Some people don't even have an idea how good this game is for 360 and ps3.
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User Info: Guilherme546

8 years ago#3

Well, someone have to tell them, cause this is one of the best games created until now! They're losing an great game just because they "THINK" that the game sucks.

User Info: DSplayer11

8 years ago#4
Whoa, whoa, whoa, the Playstation One Spyro's were some of the best :D How can you say they sucked? If you go over there, to the Spyro board, the opinion is switched.
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User Info: Vicsthebest

8 years ago#5
I think he means one of the best games created since the old retro spyro (1-3 on ps1). The first trilogy remains a part in the godlike section. He meant compared to the games released after the license was passed up.
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User Info: DSplayer11

8 years ago#6
Oh, yes, I can concur with that I suppose.
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User Info: SwordOfLight

7 years ago#7
spyro 3 was awesome.

User Info: hergman

7 years ago#8
i played the old spyro, i didn't like those at all
those three new on the other hand where excellent!
the first maybe less but the second one was very good
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User Info: Ebak_the_cat

7 years ago#9
In my experience...there are 2 types of Spyro fans.

Classic Fans: They love the 'original' Spyro games..and hate the newer ones.

Legend Fans: They love the Legend of Spyro series and dislike the older series.

I'm neither, heh, one of the few in another category....I like the original 3 Spyro games...they were good...then after Enter the Dragonfly, things went downhill for the series, hated the games after then.

I can't really comment on the new series as I haven't played all the games and only played the first game for a short time, but I liked some elements but not others. I liked the new combat controls, story and rethought characters (such as Spyro and Sparx being step brothers).

I did miss alot of the platforming elements however.
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User Info: WaferMon

7 years ago#10
The first three Spyro games do NOT suck. They're the best ones, imo. Legend of Spyro series just bored me. Repetitive combat and mashing attack button until things die got boring in the first game. The only thing I liked about it was the plot.

Enter the Dragonfly was good, I don't know why people hate it so much. My only gripe is that it was too damn short, only having 9 levels. That and, catching some of the dragonflies was a pain, because of the weird way Bubble Breath worked.

The last good Spyro game was A Hero's Tale, which brought back the classic platforming, collecting, and humor that the first three games had. I absolutely loved it, despite having to play through it about five times, due to save glitches erasing my save file.

And yes, I have seen as well, people who love Legend of Spyro and hate the old Spyro games. IMO, if Sierra or whoever makes another Spyro game, it had better be platforming/adventure/collection, like the old games. I really, REALLY don't want another boring, repetitive, combat-based game.
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