Nobody likes of Spyro?

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User Info: hergman

7 years ago#11
you know whats funny?

all the reason you said for disliking the new spyro are exacly the same as for why i dislike the older ones (replace combat with collecting)

i guess the main difference between the old and the new is that they appeal to different kind of gamers, hence why both can't stand each others
old is puzzle while
new is combat and plot
Giovanni : hahaha
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User Info: whtrvn09

7 years ago#12
i agree they are all not that different from each other plus there cant be 2 types of fans because i loved playing all of them, the only ones that i think sucked are spyro 2, shadow legacy, and of corse enter the dragonfly.

i think it makes a nice change for the legend series to take a break from all that collecting it sort of balances it out some people like to relax (old spyro) some people like action (new) or both (me)
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User Info: iam258258258

7 years ago#13

I liked the orignal spyro games, the first of those was the first game I ever owned lol. The first three were were awsome, Enter the Dragonfly wasn't very good, Hero's tale was okay, and I've never played the ds one (I'm not going to comment on any of the gba games). As for the legend series, the first two were rather repetative and slightly generic feeling but the third one was just as good as the orginal games. I really enjoyed the new concept art and less annoying combat system and the fact that you can play as Cynder. I also greatly enjoyed the fact that you can freely fly at any time, it made the game seem much more open than any others.

User Info: sonicshadowfrea

7 years ago#14
I like Spyro, even Enter the Dragonfly, but I haven't gotten a chance to play TLOS. All I wish to see is a crossover between Spyro and TLOS Spyro.

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