english version, is it possible?

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User Info: MV6000

9 years ago#11
"Bandai's marketing strategy is to only release the worst Gundam games in the West, then complain when they don't sell well, so they have an excuse not to release any more."

So true
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User Info: plastikloser

9 years ago#12
No, its not going to happen. Their have been several gundam games like this on the psp now, about 4 i think and not even the oldest has no rumor of coming stateside. But if your worried about being able to play it dont be. The game have english in some of the menus and titles and a tutorial about how to play the game showing what to press on the psp and what it does in english, and people have kindly posted faqs about what all the other menus mean. Check out youtube to look at any of the games and see if you like how it plays. If so pick one up like we all did and go to town its very import friendly.

User Info: Gespenst0Kick

9 years ago#13
Boy, I'm glad I can understand Japanese. Now if only the Vietnamese made good products I can take advantage of. =P
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User Info: zergslayer69

9 years ago#14
I think the best we can get is for a menu translation. That's pretty much all we need to make this game as English friendly as possible.
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