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User Info: Kryuzei

9 years ago#1
Yeah, I already went to the tutorial before, and I still don't get it 0.o;
Especially the dash parts. I mean, in the tutorial saber can dash to behind assassin. . . How to do that ?

Oh, are there any combo in this game ?

User Info: Draku_of_BA

9 years ago#2
To dash behind someone, be locked onto them (L button) then dash when in front of them.
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User Info: farispie

8 years ago#3
can summon plz tell me how to do Noble Phantanism / supers. I understand you havr to the taigia ball , but then what ??

User Info: Draku_of_BA

8 years ago#4
R+...square, if I recall.
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User Info: Mirumoto_Ookami

8 years ago#5
R1+Square with half the MP bar to use the weak Noble Phantasm, and R1+Circle with a full MP bar to use the stronger one.

User Info: HanzoXXX

8 years ago#6
Saber's Noble Phantasm is real powerful and cool.But not as cool as my Noble Phantasm.

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