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User Info: virus_pk3r

8 years ago#1

besides all 5 pieces of exodia, what are other OTK or FTK hands that you have got/seen someone get

mine was when i was using a fun deck angaint jaden yuki 03

he went 1st and set 1 card(most likely Sakeretsu Armour)

in my hand i had cybernetic zone, ancient gear golem, ancient gear knight, ancient gear soldier, power bond and drew limiter removal

i power bonded the 3 ancient gears to hav a Ulimate Ancient Gear Golem with its atk doubled then used cybernetic zone to double its attack again and then declared an attack and quick played limiter removal and due to Ultimate Golems effect no sakeretsu armour couldnt have been activated

another simple one was lumina, wulf, and 3 honests with Mashas Horus lv8 out and she decide to get rid of wulf 1st wich made me use all 3 honests to win

User Info: Bestari_User

8 years ago#2
Me and my mate decided to have a duel at my house - I run a Glad Beast Deck and he runs a DAD deck - (NOT Tele-DAD) - he hates synchros and so do i any way he went first:

He finished up with Dark Grepher on his field and face down Mirror Force (he had special summoned DG by discarding Caius and activated foolish burial to send Dark Magician of Chaos to the grave because he was waiting for his gold sarcohagused DAD),

I had in my starting hand - Prisma, Premature Burial, Test Tiger, Megamorph, Mirror Force, And i then drew Monster Reborn.

I summoned Prisma - sent bestari to grave, Special summoned Test Tiger and sent prisma back to deck to summon darius - summoned bestari from grave - contacted fused into gyazarus - destroyed his two cards, then activated Premature Burial to get Test Tiger (600) back and equipped Gyzarus with Megamorph (2400 -> 4800), activated Monster Reborn to fetch DMOC (2800) from his grave. Attacked Directly with all 3 monsters making it an OTK.

His jaw litterally dropped - "WHAT THE ****" - was his exact words
I had a little laugh at that.
Bestiari is IMMORTAL - (with a war chariot, Shrink, My Body As Shield and Waboku )

User Info: carbineman

8 years ago#3

How about a batteryman OTK? 1 foolish burial, 1 battery charger, 1 inferno reckless summon and a short circuit.

Just have to foolish burial batteryman AA and I leave the rest to your imagination xD

User Info: karlster08

8 years ago#4
the otk was my parneter zane who had future fusion limiter removal and overload fusion. he sent all machines in his deck to the grave activated overload fusion and summoned chimertech overdragon he then activated limiterremoval and killed the opponet i was like what?

User Info: mrvlrdr101

8 years ago#5
^like that one's never been done before.

User Info: Karpze

8 years ago#6
Mine was mearly having 3 Judgment Dragons in my hand on my 4th turn and 4 LS's in my Grave.

Boom! 5000
Boom! 2000
Boom! Game over.
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User Info: virus_pk3r

8 years ago#7
mrvlrdr101, this topic is for any OTK/FTKs beside Exodia as it's the most obvious one. Another one is in real life my friend used two Instant Fusions to get out two Meteor Black Dragon while he had 3 Spiritul Fire Art - Kurenai set and then activated two of them and finally used a monster reborn to end the duel with the third, the look on the opponents face was classic!

User Info: XenocideHeart

8 years ago#8
B-But you're only allowed to use one Instant Fusion per turn and Instant Fusion only works for level 5 or lower fusions!

User Info: HU_Tessa

8 years ago#9
actually mrvlrdr101, when i partnered up with Zane, in the last duel he did that on the first turn...
but then it got destroyed with mirror force, but i brought out JD in the next turn xD

User Info: valkryie13

8 years ago#10
my opponent go 1st he set a trap card and end his turn.I was lucky.I have charge of e light brigade 2 foolish burial 1 heavy storm 1 lightsworn sabre and 1 mst.I activate heavy storm and destroy his trap card.Then i mill 1 wulf,1 lyla and 1 other card.I search for lumina.I summon lumina and and discard mst to get lyla and i activated 2 foolish burial and dump 2 wulfs.then i attacked with 3 wulfs lumina and lyla and i win
I like lightsworns,gladiator beast and black feather

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