New things that happen (SPOILERS)

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User Info: ringerman

9 years ago#1
1. Zack and Luna might be able to wave change (MIGHT!!!) Since they get wizards. One of the is Pendlum or something like that
2.Thay guy on the you tube picture is the one who gave the cast ( Geo, Luna, Bud, Zack, SOLo, Sonia) the wizards
3. The wizards are going to make the Fm-ians like the netnavis in the battlenetwork series
4. there are about 10 new forms
5. Noises can change into what is called ultimate forms. This might have something to do with real life brothers though
More Info on the way. Any questions, just ask. If you want to know where I got the information just post it. ( You should trust me though).

User Info: Cervosi

9 years ago#2
1: Actually, it's Mode (Luna) and Pedia (Zack). Just because they own Wizards doesn't mean they're wave-changable. they may simply be navigators for the VG Hunter.
3: EM bodies are already the Navis of the Starforce series :P
4: We already know this. One version has Taurus, Cygnus, Ophuica, Libra and Gemini. The other has Cancer, Crown, Virgo, Wolf and Corvus.
5: Black Ace is the ultimate form (at least the only one so far). From screens, it's apparently activated by getting 500% noise, and it apparently drops as time goes on, though deleting enemies apparently makes the percent rise back up.
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User Info: EXEforever

9 years ago#3
Ringerman....How stupid do you think we are? And if you haven't noticed we have Nigoli to inform us.
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User Info: sora_145

9 years ago#4
Not to mention, most, if not all of us, check TUS and Wave station for updates.
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User Info: GigaSPX

9 years ago#5
I'm moving to the Platina boards once I get something I need......
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User Info: 123abc45610

9 years ago#6
why would they put battle network ways its called starforce so that's dumb
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User Info: SoloAce00

9 years ago#7
I thought Black Ace was from over 200%? Oh well. Thought that's what I glimpsed at on TUS. Could have been the normal Noise change ratio.
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User Info: DaroachX

9 years ago#8
Goddamn it's so cOLD in here!
You Fail.
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