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User Info: GrayZStarr

5 years ago#1
Here's my old Virgo folder, so someone do me a favor and rate it

NKG Setup - Trev's with AutoLock

BigGrenade x2
BreakSaberX x 2 (Swear to god, these are more useful than GiantAxes)
FreezeKnuckle x1
D Upper x2
HurricaneDance x2
HeatUpperX x2
BubblehookX x2
VulcanSeedX x2
Recov300 x2
Aura x2
Megaboost x4
WarriorSoul DEF x1
Whistle x2
HolyPanel x3

White cards: Knuckles
Brothers: Mixed crap with Megas on GeminiSparkX, AcidAceX, and CancerBubbleX
Buster: VirusClaw w/IcePanel support

And no, I'm not asking to you to rate it because I fixed my problem and want to inadequatly prepared
The post above is either the truth or a special form of Internet Sarcasm.
Either way, it's just a post.

User Info: Jimmyhunter1000

5 years ago#2

Pretty good flow to it, although the only thing I see an issue with is the 2 vulcan seeds. I'm tempt to say you should throw in another Break Sabre and another Freeze knuckle instead, since Vulcan seed just doesn't have enough power at it's base damage.
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User Info: tftrevor813

5 years ago#3
my grade is and A

no giant axe's? :O

vulcanX is alright
Like Always Until Then Later =)
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