how do i use new cards

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User Info: DunnoBro

5 years ago#1
keep getting them like vulcan an stuff but can't find them when i go to edit deck!?

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User Info: zeekybookydoog

5 years ago#2
Not sure if serious...
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User Info: GrayZStarr

5 years ago#3
Took the words right out of my mouth.
The post above is either the truth or a special form of Internet Sarcasm.
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User Info: Asfand

5 years ago#4
You press "X", press "A" on "BATTLECARD", press "A" on the folder, press "A" on Edit, and press the right button on the "+" pad. It doesn't get any dumber of an explanation than that. Oh and ya can't edit the Extra Folder when you get it.
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User Info: KingRohitVerma

5 years ago#5

User Info: DemonKingSteel

5 years ago#6
yea if u wanna hang here you need to get used to critics and trolls

User Info: tftrevor813

5 years ago#7
you put your game in a fire and burn it :D
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