BarkBark Trouble

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User Info: Havok21XX

8 years ago#1

I'm having trouble unlocking the BarkBark. I got the animation showing him trapped and I have gotten all 5 Buzzlegums needed to help free him but for some reason they haven't yet. Am I missing something? Do I need more buzzlegums? Any help would be much appreciated

User Info: kaoriknights

8 years ago#2
All you should have to do is have those 5 buzzlegums as residents in your garden and they will automatically scare the ruffian away. After that you just have to have 3 kittyfloss in the garden for him to actually visit.

If your buzzlegums just didn't do it I'm not sure what could be wrong.
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User Info: Kresselack

8 years ago#3
Get 3 Kittyfloss in the garden along with the Buzzlegums, that should do it. Also will want to get 4x bones and 2x jelly (tinker bones) for 2 resident Barkbarks.
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User Info: Havok21XX

8 years ago#4
As soon as I stuck the kittyfloss in the garden the buzzlegums immediately went and freed the barkbark so I finally got him. Thanks for the advice!

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