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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#1
This FAQ was made solely by me and when it wasn’t I referenced the people who deserve credit.

Please keep in mind that this is not a end all say all FAQ it simply answers many general questions about the subtleties of the game.
If you need help on variants, evolutions, or other general problems the people on the GameFAQs board should be very willing to help you.
However, please note that there are wonderful FAQs out there that can help you with some of the general awards. Here are the links:

This was done by greenyoshi067 and is an amazing tool.

This next site also has a forum where you can ask questions but I would suggest you learning to use the wiki on that site. Just make sure you click the TIP tab when searching for pinata information.

Finally, I would suggest changing your GameFAQs message board settings so that 50 messages will be shown at once. Then, if you need to find any information you can press Ctrl+f and type in some keywords.
Enjoy and I hope it helps you.
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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#3

First off, please realize that the Choclodocus is designed to be unlocked later in the game. However, no matter when you are able to get him there are some considerations to take into account.
First: Make sure you know exactly what kind you want.
Second: Before you get your amber, make sure you know what garden you will initially want the Choclodocus in, because once the amber is found, it is stuck permanently in that garden.
Third: Also realize that you can get only ONE amber, once you have your Choclodocus you are stuck with it, and you cannot send it to someone or have someone send it to you.

To obtain a Choclodocus you will need to prepare a few things first.
1.) Get a mine and hire four diggerlings, make a helper house, and get a Candary with a gas mask. Also have lanturns of loot placed all around the mine so that you have a better chance at finding the rarer items.
2.) Get a Cluckles and put the Jurassic Hair on it.
3.) Make a garden store, which can be bought from Willy the Builder in the special buildings section.
4.) You will also need a wishing well to get the amber, once you have the wishing well you will need to throw 9,999 CC down it to get the amber.
1. One way to get the wishing well is to create a new garden and name it Piñata People.
2. The second way is to unlock the nine blocked pinatas that are in the game(Arocknid
Barkbark, Dragumfly, Eaglair, Elephanilla, Fizzlybear, Goobaa, Parrybo, Ponocky, Pudgeon, and Swanana.)
3. Once you do either one of these you will unlock the credits. All you have to do here is break all of the regular pinatas and then the wishing well can be bought from Costalot’s store
Once you have all of these things in place you can start getting the Choclodocus.

The next part is key. To get the Choclodocus you will need to Tinker at least three bones from the red bones, green bones, and blue bones. The bones can be one or more of any of those colors. However, if you want a particular type of Choclodocus then you will need to Tinker the bones in a specific order. As listed below:

The first bone you tinker turns into a skull, which determines the type of head your Choclodocus will have

* Red Bone - Triceratops
* Blue Bone - Brontosaurus
* Green Bone - Stegosaurus

The second bone you tinker turns into ribs, which will determine the type of tail.

* Red Bone - Flat, Seven Spiked Club
* Blue Bone - Pointed Tail, Four Long Spikes
* Green Bone - Tail Fan

The third bone you tinker turns into a spine, which determines the color.

* Red Bone – Purple, but can be perceived as a pinkish red
* Blue Bone - Blue
* Green Bone – Green

The final pieces of information you will need are how to mature your Choclodocus and what it needs for its tricks:
1. To mature your Choclodocus you will need to feed it the following: bottle of milk,a bone (white), a Geckie, a Cocoadile and a Jameleon.
2.To teach your Choclodocus its tricks feed it a Ruby and a Diamond, both can be found by your Diggerlings in the mine.

Some commonly asked questions:
1. Q. Why can’t I get another amber
A. You can only get one amber per Gamer Tag.
2. Q. How many Blue and Green bones can you get?
A. As long as your Diggerlings are still working in the mine you can always get more
Blue and Green bones.
3. Q. Does it matter what order I put the bones in when I place them in the garden store?
A. No it does not, the only thing that matters here is what order you tinker the bones.

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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#4

First off, there are a few things that one needs to know about the Dragonache.
1. You can only obtain one egg per garden.
2. The Dragonache is designed to be obtained later in the game
3. If you don’t have enough money to do everything that follows then look for the post that describes how to earn money “quickly”.

Alright, to get the Dragonache, you will need a few things first:
1. You will need a mine and you will have to hire 4 Diggerlings, (You can do it with less but the process will take longer).
2. You should also obtain a Candary and put a gas mask on it from Petula’s store.
3. Buy and place lanterns of loot all around your mine, this helps find rare items quickly.
4. Buy and place a helper home for your Diggerlings.
5. Once all of this is in place, tip your Diggerlings so their candosity is maxed out.
6. Buy or obtain a Cluckles.

If all of this is done then you should obtain your Dragonache egg within 1-3 game days.
Once you have your egg you will then need to decide what color you would like to have. There are six colors in all. The way you get a particular color DOES NOT depend on where you find the egg, only on where you hatch it. For example, if you want a blue Dragonache and you found the egg on dirt (or any other surface) then all you have to do is hatch the egg in water.

Green : Hatch the egg on short or long grass
Blue : Hatch the egg on water, or very close to the edge
Red/Orange: Hatch the egg on sand
White/Pink : Hatch the egg on snow
Brown : Hatch the egg on dirt
Gold : Hatch the egg on a gold tile from Costalot’s store

The next thing you may want to do is mature your Dragonache and teach it its tricks:
1. To mature your Dragonache just feed it the following: Dragumfly, a Salamango, a bottle of milk, a Reddhott and a snapdragon flower.
2. To teach your Dragonache its tricks feed him the following separately: acorn and a Pigxie.
So everyone knows, you can have as many Dragonaches as you want in one garden. Just send the Dragonaches to yourself via a crate from the post office and then open the Dragonaches in the desired garden. Just remember that you can find ONLY ONE Dragonache egg per garden.
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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#5
Mystery House:

This one is relatively straightforward as well. To get the mystery house, just make sure you have both a Swanana in your garden and a Rashberry. Then go to Willy the Builder and buy it from him in the Pinata house section, NOT the special house section. If you are still having problems then try fulfilling all of the romance requirements for both the Swanana and the Rashberry (minus the Houses part).
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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#6
Professor Pestor:

There are multiple ways to deal with this miscreant:
1. You can pay him off with 500 CC every time he comes in the garden.
2. You can buy decoys from Costalot, (garden item section) for 800 CC. Professor Pestor will ALWAYS go after the decoy if you have one in the garden. When using this method I suggest having at least 4 in your garden.
3. You can have a Limeoceros in your garden, he will “gore” Professor Pestor out of the garden when he sees him, just keep in mind that if your Limeoceros is asleep, this won’t work.
4. You can have a Dragonache in your garden and the Dragonache will fight, and always win, against Professor Pestor. This will set Professor Pestor ablaze and he will then run around like a madman breaking anything that he touches as he leaves the garden.
5. BEST*You can build a fence, any kind will do but stone is the best, starting from the tower of sour and moving at least 6 units away from it and then closing it back up.
E.g. |_________|

Keep in mind that if you have no decoys and you aren’t using any of the above methods, but you do have a Captain’s Cutlass in your garden, Professor Pestor will go after that instead of any pinata.
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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#7
Quick Money:

To obtain money very quickly there are a few things that you can do.

1. WORST*(But fastest way to get quick money)
Buy a wishing well, if you don’t know how to get it then read the Wishing Well section, from Costalot and throw about 1000 CC in there and over time, 10-30 minutes, you will have more than enough.

2. AVERAGE*(You will get good money but not as much as 3 and not as fast as 1).
Romance X type of pinata for twin-wildcards grow to maturity, teach them tricks, and sell them for a lot of money.

3. BEST*(But can take longer to reap rewards)
Once you have X twin-wildcard pinata and you have taught X twin-wildcard pinata both its tricks then you will race it over and over again. Before you race X pinata make sure you max out its candosity as well. After racing for a while send it to a party. Every time the pinata returns you will get the difference of CC from how much the pinata went up in value when you maxed out its candosity. E.g. if you had a Bonboon that was at 100,000 CC and you gave it a happy candy and the Bonboon maxed its candosity out with a new value of 110,000 CC then you would get the difference between the two back. That is, you would get 10,000 CC back after the Bonboon returned from the party.

#3 is the best way to do it. Right now I send my Chippopatamus to a party and when he comes back I get over 40,000,000 CC back. But keep in mind I have raced him over 500 times and sent him to over 300 parties.
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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#8
Rotating Items/Houses:

You can rotate any garden item or house before you buy it by pressing and hold x and then using your joystick to get the desired direction.
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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#9

Twins are relatively straightforward to obtain. To start, you will need to have at least 6 of the species of pinata that you want twins with. Once you have at least six you need to beat the romance mini game within a certain time frame. Usually, that time frame is 1/3 of the overall time remaining. For example, if you were romancing the Chippopatamus and that pinata had 63 seconds for you to beat the mini game, then you would need to have at least 21 seconds left over when you beat the mini game.

Just so you know, if you don’t collect a heart then 20 seconds gets subtracted from your time remaining. So it is best to try to collect all of the hearts.

Also, I said “usually” above for how much time is needed to be left over. Some pinatas would be impossible to finish with that amount of time left. One example is the Mothdrop. The best I have finished with was 11 seconds and I still got twins so some pinatas have a bit more leeway than others.
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User Info: reklaw_vahn

8 years ago#10

To obtain twin-wildcards you must satisfy both sets of criteria for the twins and the wildcards. That is:

1. You must have 6 of X type of pinata in your garden.
2. You must romance X type of pinata.
3. You must collect all flashing hearts in the romance mini-game.
4. You must beat the romance mini-game with at least 1/3 the time remaining, with a few exceptions as explained in the Twins section.
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