the boiling rock

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User Info: ruggedwonders

8 years ago#1

I'm having some trouble getting through a part of The Boiling Rock. It's when the 4th White Lotus tile is behind a gate and Zuko has to firebend to one of the little thingies on the ground, and Sokka has to use his boomerang to get it to the other one to open the gate. I am able to do all of that, but after Sokka opens the gate there is a special thing for Zuko to able to firebend and open another gate. I have tried Sokka's boomerang, but it won't open it. I have also tried going as Zuko, and I can't even get Sokka's boomerang to work to get the fire to the thingies on the ground.

If anyone understood my descriptions, please help me. This one part of the level is driving me insane.

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