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User Info: sephiroth0203

8 years ago#1
My little brothers just got this game and it says 2 players but i can't find anyway to get it to multiplayer.
Does anyone know how?
Currently playing and trying to write a guide for Magical Starsign for Nintendo DS. Any help would be appreciated and you will be thanked.

User Info: tln1045

8 years ago#2
Just press the + key on the second remote, that will add the other player, - to turn them off....

User Info: tln1045

8 years ago#3
We are on the SKOOL level, at the end where the big spider looking orange blob is dropping multiple monsters to beat. There is a man behind the monster stuck in the glob, but we cannot discover how to free him. Have tried both characters, A&B combos, but cannot get past this area....HELP!

User Info: BloodJunkie

8 years ago#4
wait til the boss drops its legs down and attack the legs, the leg turns red when hit. keep doing this for like 5 minutes and the boss will die, and youll free the guy.

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