Lauca Chracter Side Quest Help XD

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User Info: sheepheavenly

8 years ago#1
How on earth can you go and hunt for Lauca ?

Do you just kill random monsters and bring back their carcasses?

Also after bringing Rudrud the headdress Gim runs off...The Power Headdress probably scared the living daylight out of him, the question is: Where can I find Gim?

Thanks XD
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User Info: LeBurns63

8 years ago#2
I just went to the first hunters area and some pig critters were there for me to hunt kinda likea little mini game.

User Info: Mastersword101

8 years ago#3

Yeah go into the wooded area by Lauca's house there should be little big looking creatures- kill all of them and you will get some raw meat 8)

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