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User Info: riku_dnangel

7 years ago#1
who is your favorite bachelor in the game?

User Info: Master_Bunnyboo

7 years ago#2
Bachelor? Haha. HM fan, I'm guessing?

Anyway, Rempo. Always has been. Favorite chick would be.. Dorothea, actually, then Neaki after her. All of the girls in this game are a little dry, imo.

User Info: riku_dnangel

7 years ago#3
can i ask about something?

when will your bachelor will confess their feelings for you?

yup i am a big fan of HM.

User Info: Master_Bunnyboo

7 years ago#4
There are two different ways, depending on who you're going after.

If it's Anwar, Rex or Duran, then you can get a confessional from them the day before you compete in the tournament after saving all of the spirits. After viewing three scenes (similar to HM's Heart Events; I'm pretty sure you have to see all three scenes for the event to trigger. it's very easy to view them all, as they all occur in the same spot for each individual guy), on the day just before the tournie? Rempo with notify you that someone is outside, and you'll open your door to see a letter on your porch inviting you out to the fountain in the middle of town. There, your 'boyfriend' of choice with confess to you.

If it's Anwar, Rex, Duran, Heath, Rempo, Ur or the secret bachelor (just in case you don't know who, haha), then you can also get a confessional from them just before the end of the game. (much easier to do AFTER the end of the game, fyi. also, you cannot get a confession scene from spirits until you finish the game, iirc.) Just raise their affection for you as high as possible and go to bed. If they like you enough, they'll appear in your room when you wake up.
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User Info: riku_dnangel

7 years ago#5
Question again.......

when I answered a boy can I still have confessions from other bachelors?

I'm already at chapter 11, and still do not know everything about this game.

talk about clueless.

User Info: WhiteTRex

7 years ago#6
Yep.But recently I stopped 'cause I got Anwar.I likes him.<_< >_>
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User Info: rice8369

7 years ago#7
I went to the fountain before the tournament and I met Anwar who was my pick. However, I wanted to pick another bachelor because I haven't seen anything with Heath and I really like Ur. Can I still have heart events with Heath or Ur, even Anwar is right now somehow my boyfriend.

by the way, whats the secret bachelor you are talking about?

User Info: NintendoGirl12

7 years ago#8
I'm guessing that the secret bacholer is Valdo. But I might be wrong

User Info: Solloria

7 years ago#9

My favorite guy's Rex(he's an adorable little traitor) though I really like Ronaioni... if only he was a choice. Third fave's also impossible for two reasons, Kamui(Because he's not a 'hero character' and because he's in love with Fauna) then comes Duran.

If I was a guy, my first choice would be Fauna, then Sylphy. @.@ Neaki has a really pretty voice when you unshackle her, so she's third.

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