Newbie needs some tips please

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User Info: Logan074

9 years ago#1
What is a good speed to run while setting and later retrieving pots? A good setting distance? And also, how do you get the autopilot to work while retrieving the pots, I can seem to get it to work right. Thanks, fellow captains.
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User Info: CHampAGMOCC

9 years ago#2
A good average speed to drop pots is somewhere around 5. I usually average about 4.7 when dropping. The trick to auto pilot is this.

1. Start a string on your plotter map
2. Auto sail to that point.
3. Put your marker on the end of the string
4. Turn your auto pilot on (you just control speed)
5. Drop your pots in a straight line using the speed from above ( I never adjust my speed once I am going about 5 knots, it gives you good spacing) (keep a look at your auto pilot light and make sure it stays on, sometimes with the stick you can accidentally hit left or right a bit and it will shut off the auto pilot).
6. When returning to pick up pots zoom in on your map. (I usually have the auto pilot take me to a little behind my string, and then i re auto pilot to my string so I make sure my boat is straight in line with the string) When approaching your string pinpoint on the map for your autopilot so the string is a little bit in front of you on the right.
7. Re mark your auto pilot to the end of your straight string
8. Turn auto pilot on, and use LB and RB for your thrusters to move to the left and right if need be to have the string stay close to you on the right. (thrusters wont disengage your auto pilot)

It seems simple as they explain it to you in the tutorial but i had to lay a couple strings before I really was doing it well.

Hope this helps

User Info: grislyatoms

9 years ago#3
I run about the same speed champ does, 4.5 - 5 knots setting pots. Retrieving pots, rebaiting, and resetting, @3.5-4 knots, retrieving and stacking @3.5 knots.
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