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User Info: grannyplayer

8 years ago#1
I absolutely LOVE this game in its GC format! Whenever i need a good laugh and a bit of easy fun to raise my mood, I turn to it over and over. But my big fear is that one day the GC disc will cease to work.

At first I was disappointed when I discovered that the Wii version is identical to the GC version (called Pitfall: The Lost Expedition). But then I realized that buying the Wii version would give me a pristine backup disc. So I have 2 questions.

1) can you play "The Big Adventure" on the Wi using a GC controller? Or must it played with the remote and nunchuk?

2) I have all the cheat codes for the GC version, the most fabulously useful one being the bottomless canteen. Does anyone know if there's a cheat code for bottomless canteen on the Wii version?

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