Shouldn't Scizor be Uber now, too?

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  3. Shouldn't Scizor be Uber now, too?

User Info: TeenTonyStark

8 years ago#1
Sam watch. Keep hope alive, my brotha!

User Info: MileRun

8 years ago#2
Why? It's not like every team needs a Scizor and two Scizor counters now.
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User Info: veale728

8 years ago#3
Where in the sam hell did you get the idea that Scizor should be Uber?
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User Info: goaliedude3919

8 years ago#4
The thing about Garchomp was that he had very few true "counters". Scizor, on the other hand, has numerous counters. Anything that is durable or has a focus sash and has flamethrower can most likely OHKO Scizor. Even if he survives one flamethrower, his HP will be too low to survive another attack from pretty much anything else. That;s why Scizor is not an Uber. The last thing that I'm going to say is that Heatran completely counters Scizor.

User Info: TheBlackSuit

8 years ago#5
Scizor, isn't that good, the only reason why people use it is because it looks cool, and i agree, but i think scyther looks cooler.
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User Info: TypeGSiR

8 years ago#6
heh bullet punch thats about it
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  3. Shouldn't Scizor be Uber now, too?

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