If Pokemon Faint, How Do They Die?

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User Info: CharizardFire

8 years ago#11
Ghost-type Pokemon, however, do not die.
Also, I'm pretty sure that Legendary Pokemon are supposed to be immortal.
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User Info: xF0x

8 years ago#12
When Pokemon die they turn into wild Ghastly and Misdreavus. And even Ghost Pokemon eventually vanish into thin air one day..

Also, some say that Wild Pokemon die, not faint. Even though its impossible to prove it kind of make sense and explains why trainers can't capture fainted wild Pokemon, because they're useless when dead. And assuming they faint, they have no trainers to heal them so they will most likely die anyway if the wounds are serious.
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User Info: Zhacarias

8 years ago#13
I'll explain it to you once you stop capitalizing every word. @_@
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User Info: mzing99

8 years ago#14
thats in the game, if a pkm faints in the wild there would be bodies all over. When they faint i just think they scurry away.
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User Info: CharizardFire

8 years ago#15
"thats in the game, if a pkm faints in the wild there would be bodies all over. When they faint i just think they scurry away."

Actually, that's exactly what happens in the games - it even says so in Pokemon XD.
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User Info: TravisAxel_v5

8 years ago#16
"Should the opponent's pokemon die, what should have been done about that? What if the opposing trainer feels sad/horrified at his precious pokemon dead? Unless there's a way the pokemon center could somehow magically resurrect them, then the whole pokemon population will eventually be extinct at this rate. What's the trainer going to do about the dead pokemon?"

Pokemon insurance.

User Info: MileRun

8 years ago#17
Team Rocket was the only team who actually killed Pokemon. Remember Cubone's mother..

Who can forget the only uncatchable boss Wild Pokemon? They need more of those, by the way; to make it more challenging, they can screw with the beastie's stats, since the thing can't be caught anyways.
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User Info: PearlMaster17

8 years ago#18
sum pokemon die by various conditions
like charmander and his tail. if the fire goes out he dies
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User Info: MMaestro

8 years ago#19
Gameplay-wise, dying Pokemon would be stupid (my level 100 Pikachu perma-died to an a**hole trainer who just threw 6 untrained freshly caught level 50 Rattatas at me! WTF?!).

Movie/anime-wise, Pokemon die its just not blatantly stated outright in order to keep its G-rating. (I think theres like a whopping total of 4 Pokemon that has been stated/implied to have died in the entire 1000+ anime episodes)

Manga(comic)-wise, LOTS of Pokemon die but the mangas aren't published in the U.S. anymore so not many people know about this.

User Info: Blueties

8 years ago#20
*Goes to cut more Slowpoke tails*
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