best nature for Chimchar line?

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User Info: The_Jack_Attack

8 years ago#1
It uses both SpAtk and regular Atk, so reducing either of those isn't good. It should have pretty good Defense and good Speed. Anyone got a good nature in mind?
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User Info: Xeliath

8 years ago#2
Adamant or Jolly

User Info: Jokey665

8 years ago#3

User Info: SuperShadowAce

8 years ago#4
ingame, naive,
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User Info: Chrisomar

8 years ago#5
Infernape is a very diverse Pokemon it can run many sets.
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User Info: Darkastral

8 years ago#6
Infernape is too diverse of a Pokemon and makes 99.58% of fire pokemon useless because it can run many sets.

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User Info: PikaForce

8 years ago#7
Adamant or jolly really depends on the moveset and ev spread

User Info: GameFaqGuest

8 years ago#8
I will choose Jolly if it's Physical Attacker and Timid if it's Special Sweeper.
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  3. best nature for Chimchar line?

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