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User Info: dmanofalcatraz

8 years ago#191
Really Cool!
Darthvaderyoda Is Awesom

User Info: dmanofalcatraz

8 years ago#192
Darthvaderyoda Is Awesom

User Info: cROSEe

8 years ago#193
Great sticky.
i am having trouble with the plaza i cant play mini games it's saying i can't join group WTF?
how can i think outside the box when they will not let me out of it?

User Info: Invisible Ed

Invisible Ed
7 years ago#195
Can you do a person-to-person trade via WFC? All I can do in the building in Jubilife is offer up my pokemon for pokemon of a specified type, level and gender and hope someone else takes up the offer. I could be waiting forever! Plus, I can only trade for pokemon I've seen, which completely defeats the purpose of trading.

Particularly, I want a Ditto but I've never seen one so I can't trade for one, and I sure as hell don't want to wait all the way until I beat the game (I just started my game a week or so ago and only have 3 badges so far) so I can see one in the back yard of the Mansion (at which point there'd be no reason to trade -- I could just catch it for myself).

Or can you only trade one-on-one, any pokemon for any other pokemon, with Friends you've registered?
When Vodalus offers you a "drumstick," just politely pass. Trust me on this one.

User Info: blaza192

7 years ago#196
Thanks! I knew you can establish a connection without buying something, but I never knew how lol.
PSN: blaza192

User Info: ACornCakeFudge

7 years ago#197
I have an issue with my Wi-Fi... It can connect to the GTS and see other trainers (i.e. trading over Wi-Fi) but than when it comes to actually trading a Pokemon over Wi-Fi... It doesn't work :(
Does anyone know why??
Pokemon Platinum FC: 4726 9932 5773

User Info: Rinja

7 years ago#198
I'm stuck.

I have a first gen DS, the Cobalt one, and I'm at a McDonalds. I can hook up fine with my laptop, but when I try with my DS, it searches, then says 'Cannot connection' or 'Error has accord' (Pardon my bad grammar). Is it my DS or what?
I Blame Psycho Mantis...
And Sephiroth was there....

User Info: warpedchocobo

7 years ago#199
Ok, I read your entire thread here, bumps and all, and you did not answer the question I was looking for. Whenever I get online, into the plaza, I can walk around and talk to people, do the foot thing, and the survey. But then I go to play the games and the game just refuses to let me do it at all. If I join someone, even with 60 seconds and 3 spots open, it tells me I wasn't able to join. If I start one, and people join, it still tells me I am unable to join the group. Occasionally I do get the player dropped out one, but I can guess what that is from. My question is; Why can't l join in?! I haven't turned any options on or off, so the settings and everything are currently default (Not sure if you can even change anything), my connection is good, and everything ELSE works fine.
Any help out there for me?

User Info: dratsab

7 years ago#200
sticky icky icky, woo woo
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