Who should I use as my electric pokemon, Shinx or Pachirisu?

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User Info: Blazing_Scourge

8 years ago#41
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User Info: Terenigma

8 years ago#42
Lol im currently using a electrike in my party. but between the two you want id vote for shinx coz i dislike both but shinx is the better of the two
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User Info: xSonoFLibertyx

8 years ago#43
Luxray. Definitely Luxray.

User Info: Kahns

8 years ago#44
Jolteon all they way, but if you really want to choose between the 2, shinx, evolved form = way cooler than a squirrel

User Info: Elianna_whm

8 years ago#45
If you have you still have not settled on one I highly recommend Shinx. In Pearl I used him all the way to the Elite Four. He is absolutely amazing against the Lake Pokemon being able to take their attacks with little to no damage and taking them down just a piece at a time to ensure capture. Comparing him to the Pachirisu a friend used all game Shinx is a more stable and reliable team member. Pick-up is a great ability; however, iho Pachirisu never really gets the moves or abilities to make him a good team player like Shinx can be. I am already grooming Shinx in Platinum to be even better than last game. I hope this helped answer your question.
Speaking of Shinx's abilities against the Lake sprites you can use him to take out Azelf very easily. Azelf is also a very solid reliable Pokemon that does very well against certain members of the Elite Four. It is unfortunate Azelf is not allowed in the battle towers or anywhere fun. I really liked using it in Pearl.

User Info: avirup_97

8 years ago#46
Luxray rocks!Its one of the best Electric types.Plus it gets Crunch which is totally awesome.
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User Info: Amazee_Daisy

8 years ago#47
I think you should use Shinx. I always find that pokemon who have evolutions work better than those who don't.
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  3. Who should I use as my electric pokemon, Shinx or Pachirisu?

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