IVs, Natures and Breeding guide - How to get the best from your eggs.

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User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#1
This is my guide to IVs, Natures and breeding. Enjoy.

1. What is an IV?
2. What is a Pokemon nature?
3. Combining natures and IVs for the best results.
4. Breeding for IVs and Natures - Ditto.
5. Breeding for IVs and Natures - Without Ditto
6. Checking your IVs.
7. How to breed Egg Moves.
8. Hatching Eggs.
9. Hidden Powers.
10. FAQs
11. Final notes

1. What is an IV?

IV stands for Individual Value. Put simply, they are values that range from 0-31 that are set on a pokemon in each of it's stats. The higher the value, the higher your stat will be. At level 100, these values become very important as they can result in a 31 point boost or drop in a stat. These values are defined permenantly when you receive an egg or catch a pokemon. They can never be changed. This is why people breed for IVs, as they want the best possible result that can never be changed. They're like pokemon Genes.

IVs are hidden in game and the only way to find them is with an online IV calculator. I will leave a couple of links for those later.

So to demonstrate IVs I'll give you an example. I'll use Heracross.

These are the stats of a Hardy Heracross at level 100, with no EVs. I'm using Hardy so that the stats stay completely neutral and therefore display IVs in a clearer way. For this set, my Heracross has an IV of 0 in every stat.

HP: 270
Atk: 255
Def: 155
Spa: 85
SpDef: 195
Spe: 175

Now to show you what a Hardy Heracross looks like with every IV at 31.

HP: 301
Atk: 286
Def: 186
Spa: 116
SpDef: 226
Spe: 206

You can see that the second Heracross is MUCH better than the first, as it has what is called perfect IVs (i.e an IV of 31 in every stat). This is the Heracross that I'd much rather take into a fight with me, as it's stats are much higher thanks to the IVs.

Unfortunitely, IVs are never so straightforward. An IV spread is completely random, decided by a random number generator, so the best you can do is manipulate the results to suit you. The best way to do this is by breeding for those perfect IVs, which I will cover later.

With legendary pokemon you only receive once, people tend to do what is called soft resetting. This is saving in front of the pokemon, catching it, checking the IVs then if you are unsatisfied with what is presented to you, you press Start + Select + L + R all at once, catch it again and check the IVs again. Keep doing this until you are happy with the IVs of your Pokemon. This goes for all legendaries save wondering legendaries. The wondering pokemon are pre-determined so there's nothing you can do about them. Feel free to soft reset for Dialga / Giratina / Palkia / Heatran and other event legendaries.

2. What is a Pokemon nature?

Pokemon are caught and born with natures. These natures give pokemon a 110% boost in one stat and a 10% drop in another. Here's a list of all 25 natures and what they do.

There are no natures that boost or drop HP.

Each + means a 10% boost, each - means a 10% drop

+ Attack

Adamant = + Atk - SpA
Brave = + Atk - Spe
Lonely = + Atk - Def
Naughty = + Atk - SpDef

+ Special Attack

Modest = + SpA - Atk
Mild = + SpA - Def
Rash = + SpA - SpDef
Quiet = +SpA - Spe

+ Speed

Jolly = + Spe - SpA
Timid = + Spe - Atk
Naive = + Spe - SpDef
Hasty = + Spe - Def

+ Defense

Bold = + Def - Atk
Impish = + Def - SpA
Lax = + Def - SpDef
Relaxed = + Def - Spe

+ Special Defense

Calm = + SpDef - Atk
Careful = + SpDef - SpA
Gentle = + SpDef - Def
Sassy = + SpDef - Spe

Neutral Natures. These offer no boost and no drop in any stat

I can then the close quarter beats them.

User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#2
From that you should be able to see the usefulness of natures, and the uselessness of neutral natures.

To put natures into context, I'll give a few examples.

Your typical offensive Gyarados will be Adamant or Jolly. This will boost his attack or speed and lower his special attack. Seeing as Gyarados should never use his special attack stat anyway, this offers no penalty to Gyarados whilst making him much more physically threatening. To decide between Jolly and Adamant is a question of preference. I usually use Dragon Dancing Gyarados which boosts speed anyway so I run Adamant for the extra power.

Here's the difference between a Neutral natured (Hardy) Gyarados with perfect IVs and a
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 6 HP and an Adamant Gyarados with the same set up.


HP: 332
Atk: 349 <-
Def: 194
Spa: 156 <-
SpDef: 236
Spe: 261


HP: 332
Atk: 383 <- Increase
Def: 194
Spa: 140 <- Decrease
SpDef: 236
Spe: 261

That should clearly show you what a difference Natures make, and why it's always worth a stat drop for another boost.

3. Combining natures and IVs for the best results.

So now you know what IVs are and why they're important AND what natures are and why they're important. Next is making the two work together.

This is pretty simple. If you to maximise a physical attacker's potential, you want a perfect IV in Attack with an Adamant or other + Attack nature. Same goes for any stat. If you want to maximize your Probopass' special defense, you breed for as close as you can get to a 31 IV in special defense and give it a Calm nature. You can then EV these pokemon further and they're as maxed out as they'll get.

The principle is easy to understand, but it can be very frustrating achieving the perfect desired IVs combined with the perfect nature.

4. Breeding basics, Shinies and Ditto

What IV breeding is:

Breeding is when you leave two compatible pokemon with the Daycare people in Solaceon town and they give you an egg. You hatch that egg and ta-dah, you've bred a new pokemon.

IV breeding is combining the best pokemon you have together with the goal of the child produced having high IVs where desired. This is one of the most challenging aspects of the pokemon games and is not a task to be taken lightly.

When breeding pokemon, the child inherits the mother's species and the Father's moves (if it can learn them). The nature is determined randomly. Children's IVs will always mirror the parent's and can better the parent's IVs. What you can then do, if the child is superior to a parent, is put it in daycare again, replacing the parent it betters. When the child has bred with the other parent, the Child it produces' IVs will be even higher. This is how you breed better and better IVs onto your pokemon.

IVs are inherited from both pokemon, so it is important that both are as good as you can get them. Each parent will pass down one of their IVs randomly. Then one of the two parents passes down another IV. Again, this is random. The remaining 3 IVs are completely random. So either male passes 2 female passes 1, or female passes 2 male passes 1. The rest are random.

This means the parents you use have to be as good as possible. If you only have one truly great parent, you can keep re-breeding until the IVs you want are passed from that parent to the child.
I can then the close quarter beats them.

User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#3
Shiny Pokemon:

Unfortunately shiny parents don't raise the chances of a shiny offspring as perhaps they should. When hatching an egg, the chance of hatching a shiny is still 1 / 8192. There is however a way to boost the likeliness of hatching a shiny pokemon. If one of the pokemon in daycare is from a different Country to your game. So Japanese pokemon etc etc. Having one of these pokemon mate with your own pokemon boosts the chances of a shiny to 1/2048. That's better than
1 / 8192 in my books. Shiny pokemon offer no strategic value over normal pokemon, they're just a different colour.


Catch lots of dittos. Ditto can mate with any pokemon that can breed. Ditto will always count as the female, even when mating with females. I recommend taking a long time to catch some very nice dittos.

I spent ages on Fire red catching them. I caught an adamant ditto with a 31 attack IV, a jolly ditto with a 31 speed IV, a timid ditto with a 31 speed IV and a modest ditto with a 31 special attack IV. This means that whenever a pokemon mates with ditto, they have a high chance of inheriting his 31 IV. I chose those natures as they're natures I'd recommend having around

I know earlier I said that natures were random, but there is a way you can heavily influence the nature or the child. If you give your ditto an everstone to hold then the egg has a 50% chance of inheriting the ditto's nature. So if you get some nice dittos with nice natures then you've giving yourself a MASSIVE headstart.

If you do this, whenever you breed you can get whichever nature you'd like, along with high IVs very quickly. Ditto is obtainable in pokemon platinum after the elite 4, via the trophy garden swarm... I recommend chaining a whole bunch of them and catching every single one. You can always use pokemon with synchronize to make sure you get the nature you want onto the ditto.

Seeing as this swarm is daily, it is better to get them on the GBA games and pal park them over. If you really want them and have no way of obtaining them for some reason, you can get them hacked for you or hack them yourself, but that takes the fun out of it...

So if you have a ditto with nice IVs (where you want them) and the nature you want, stick it in daycare holding an everstone. Put the pokemon you want in there with it and start hatching those eggs.

Keep hatching eggs until the children share the IV you wanted to inherit from ditto. You'll end up with a very nice child. Well done.

To improve the child's IVs even more, put the child you just bred into daycare with the ditto, replacing it's parent. The next child should have even better IVs.

This is IV breeding... Made easier. Ditto massively simplifies things. I can't stress enough how much trouble perfect dittos will save you. The time you spend catching them will be well worth it in the long run. For competitive use, you'll usually want more than one perfect IV and this just requires more and more breeding I'm afraid, no shortcut. Unless you get a parent with a perfect IV in the other stat. So a Jolly ditto with a 31 Speed IV breeds with an Infernape with a 31 Attack IV. Breed until you've got a 31 ATT, 31 SPE Chimchar.
I can then the close quarter beats them.

User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#4
5. Breeding for IVs and Natures - Without Ditto.

You can still breed very effectively without a Ditto. As long as a child's parents have high IVs, then the child has a much higher chance of having high IVs too. Just remember, the father passes down his moves to the child and the mother passes her species. They both pass IVs, so make sure the parents have IVs you want.

Breeding like this usually results in a massive chain of better children being placed in daycare and bred, which in turn results in genetically superior offspring.

The problem with not using Ditto is that you'll need excellent pokemon of EVERY SPECIES you want to breed. With ditto, as long as it has the nature you want and a high IV where you want it, it saves a LOT of time.

This is why I recommend a ditto or 20. Unfortunately you can't breed ditto with each other, so it all depends on the ones you catch.

6. Checking your IVs.

Yeah, this can be kind of tricky. In game there is only one hint as to what your highest IV is and this is the flavour text given. "Likes to thrash about" and "impetuous and silly" are examples. This is the most immediate clue as to what your IVs are. As we haven't fragmented the text in a while with a nice list, here's a nice helpful list.

In game, finding your highest IV:

HP IV Value

31-Often dozes off
30-Loves to Eat
29-Likes to Relax
28-Likes to scatter things
27-Often Naps

Attack IV Value

31-Likes to thrash about
30-Proud of its' Power
29-Hot Tempered
28-Quick tempered
27-A little Quick-Tempered

Defense IV Value

31-Capable of taking hits
30-Sturdy Body
29-Good perseverance
28-Good endurance
27-Highly persistent

Speed IV Value

31-Alert to sounds
30-Likes to run
29-Quick to flee
28-Somewhat of a clown
27-Impetuous and silly

Special Attack IV Value

30-Highly Curious
29-Very Finicky
28-Often lost in thought
27-Thoroughly cunning

Special Defense IV Value

31-Somewhat Vain
30-Strong Willed
29-Somewhat Stubborn
28-Hates to lose
27-Strongly Defiant

Using this, you can read off your pokemon what their highest IV is.

The only problem with this list is that all of those characteristics correspond to a set of possible IVs. For example, in the HP category "often dozes off" could possibly mean a 31 IV, however, it could also possibly be 26, 21, 16, 11, 6 or 1. The thing is, considering the best IV for a bred pokemon; it's pretty unlikely that a pokemon's best stat will be 16, 11, 6 or 1. Just bare that in mind. Usually that list is spot on.

If you have access to lots of rare candies then you can (SAVE THE GAME FIRST) rare candy the pokemon to level 100, use an IV calculator to calculate the IVs of the pokemon. Write them down somewhere then reset the game.
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User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#5
Wi-Fi IV Battles

To get exact values for your pokemon's IVs, you'll have to either raise them to level 100 manually, then use an online IV calculator or take part in what is called an "IV Battle". This is only for people with Wi-Fi I'm afraid.

What an IV battle is, is a level 100 all battle over wi-fi, where your pokemon are boosted to level 100. If you take your level 1 pokemon into one of these, it will be boosted to level 100 making it incredibly easy for IV calculators to calculate the IVs of your pokemon EXACTLY without giving estimates.

To use an IV calculator, you type in your pokemon's stats, level and nature in and it tells you the IVs. I will leave links to IV calculators at the end of this guide. IV calculators do work for lower level pokemon, but don't give exact values until level 100. You can IV check at level 50 and still get relitively accurate results. IE, it will tell you that your attack IV is 30 or 31, it won't know which.

Here are links to two IV calculators:


That's Serebii.net's IV calculator. It's fine for level 100s, but can be inaccurate when dealing with lower levels.


And that's the recommended IV Calculator. It works better for lower levels as you can give it your characteristic and Hidden Power type if you know it.

Action Replay

I don't have one of these, but I know there's a code to just check your IVs. It saves a hell of a lot of time, and if you don't have any moral reservations, go ahead.

7. How to breed egg moves

Another reason to breed is to inherit moves that a pokemon would not usually have. These are often incredibly useful and hyper-cool, so it's recommended. Examples of these moves are things like Bibarel with Aqua Tail, Golduck with cross chop and a Typhlosion with Crush Claw. Now because I was intrigued by the fact Golduck can learn cross chop, I will walk you through how to breed one. This example goes in general. Where it says "female Golduck" that goes for any species you want to inherit the move and "male Primeape" is just the example I'm using. The male is the one you inherit the move off in the end.

First get yourself a female Golduck.

Then, get yourself a male Primeape that knows cross chop.

Then put them in daycare together. The egg will contain a Psyduck that knows cross chop. It's that simple. That's all you have to do.

It does get more complex however, as chains can be formed leading to a pokemon with a move. This occurs when a pokemon you want has no breeding partners that can naturally learn the move desired, but a breeding partner of your pokemon can learn it through breeding! That sounds complicated, I'll give an example.

We want to get Rapid Spin onto Tentacruel, but he can't learn it. In the same egg group as him though is Kabuto, who can inherit it as an egg move from Squirtle. So Squirtle can give Kabuto rapid spin, and Kabuto can give it to Tentacool.

Step 1. Put a Male Squirtle with rapid spin in daycare with a female Kabuto.

Step 2. Hatch eggs until a male Kabuto is born, it knows rapid spin.

Step 3. Put the Male Rapid Spinning Kabuto into daycare with a female Tentacool

Step 4. Hatch the egg and Tentacool will know rapid spin. Evolve Tentacool to get Tentacruel.

And there we have it.

To find out who can breed with who, look it up on the Serebii egg group page here:


Click where it says "breeding section" and explore the egg groups. Pokemon can only inherit moves from those in their egg group.
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User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#6
Ditto does not pass moves down as it counts as female. Male pokemon with egg moves can pass down moves to offspring created with ditto.

Smeargle can sketch any move and can pass that along to any pokemon he can breed with and that can learn the egg move Smeargle sketches.

And that's it. That's how you breed egg moves onto pokemon. Now you can get your very own cross chopping Golduck or Dragon Dancing Charizard.

8. Hatching your eggs

The best thing to do is clear your party and only leave a pokemon with the flame body or magma armour ability in your party. These abilities make Eggs hatch faster in the following manner:

On the left is the initial number of steps required to hatch the egg and on the right is what the value changes to when you have magma armour or flame body with you.

1530 -> 1020
2805 -> 1530
4080 -> 2298
5355 -> 2805
6630 -> 3570
7905 -> 4095
9180 -> 4845
10455 -> 5355

If you want to know how many steps it takes to hatch a certain pokemon, find it's entry on the Serebii.net DPPt pokedex and scroll to the bottom of the page. The number on the left side of the screen where it says "Base Egg Steps to Hatch" is how many steps you have to take for the egg to hatch. Then look at where that number is on the list and see what it changes to when you have the heating abilities with you. These are the pokemon that have flame body or magma armour.

Magma Armour:


Flame Body:

Slugma -> Can have either ability
Magcargo -> Can have either ability

I use my Leaf Green Magmar and it works out very nicely.

Hatch your eggs using the routes just next to Solaceon going up and down. 209, Solaceon town & 210.

9. Hidden powers

This can be hell. Breeding for hidden powers... It is very, very difficult and it is almost completely luck. You'll get a few values from the parents, but the other values will be random and as a result skew the definite possibility of a hidden power value.

The hidden power of a pokemon is defined by it's IVs. By this, I mean that the type of the attack and the damage it does are defined by the IVs. These are defined by a formula and there are no ways to manipulate the formula to work for you. Here is the formula.
I can then the close quarter beats them.

User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#7
(I've copied and pasted this from the Smogon.com explanation)

Type depends on the user's IVs, with the following formula:

Type = (A + B + C + D + E + F) * 15 / 63

* If the IV of HP is odd, then A = 1.
* If the IV of Attack is odd, then B = 2.
* If the IV of Defense is odd, then C = 4.
* If the IV of Speed is odd, then D = 8.
* If the IV of Special Attack is odd, then E = 16.
* If the IV of Special Defense is odd, then F = 32.
* If the IV of any are even, then their variable = 0

This number is rounded down, and then determined by the following table:

0 = Fighting
1 = Flying
2 = Poison
3 = Ground
4 = Rock
5 = Bug
6 = Ghost
7 = Steel
8 = Fire
9 = Water
10 = Grass
11 = Electric
12 = Psychic
13 = Ice
14 = Dragon
15 = Dark

Power depends on the user's IVs, as well, with the following formula:
Power = (U + V + W + X + Y + Z) * (40 / 63) + 30

* If the IV of HP divided by 4 has remainder 2 or 3, then U = 1.
* If the IV of Attack divided by 4 has remainder 2 or 3, then V = 2.
* If the IV of Defense divided by 4 has remainder 2 or 3, then W = 4.
* If the IV of Speed divided by 4 has remainder 2 or 3, then X = 8.
* If the IV of Special Attack divided by 4 has remainder 2 or 3, then Y = 16.
* If the IV of Special Defense divided by 4 has remainder 2 or 3, then Z = 32.
* If the IV of any divided by 4 has remainder 0 or 1, then their variable = 0

In other words, if the IV is 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 14, 15, 18, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 30, or 31, you use the number given, otherwise, use 0.

The final number is rounded down, and that is the power of your Hidden Power.

See? There's no way to make it work for you, it's just chance. If you're interested in Hidden power, then you can check out this guide which will clear it up further for you.

I can then the close quarter beats them.

User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#8
10. FAQs

1. How do I IV train?

You're confusing IVs with EVs. Follow an EV training guide to learn how to EV train, IVs are locked from birth or capture.

2. Do IVs really make that much difference?

If you're planning on going competitive high IVs are a MUST. Pokemon that aren't bred to spec won't stand a chance in the competitive world if they're facing opposing pokemon that are. Just bare in mind, even with 252 EVs, you'll still 31 points away from the maximum stat.

3. Is there a way of calculating IVs in game?

Nope. You can only find out your highest IV via the characteristic. You have to use a calc for more.

4. Do IVs carry through evolution?

Yes they do. IVs are defined at birth and stay on that one pokemon forever. This includes when Nincada evolves into Shedninja. Shedninja has the same IVs as the Nincada, even though it's a different pokemon. The Ninjask keeps the IVs too for that matter.

5. Can you actually get perfect IVs?

Yes. It is possible to get an IV of 31 in all 6 Stats. By possible, I mean there's a 1 in 1,073,741,824 chance you'll get one. It's the same chance that you'll find a pokemon with 0 in every stat. It'd be much easier to simply walk around in grass for shinies.

6. Does breeding two shinies mean that it's more likely you'll hatch a shiny?

No. A foreign pokemon breeding with your own raises the chances to 1/2048. Shiny parents raise no chances. Except perhaps mentally.

7. I want a speed IV of 0 for my Gyro Balling Bronzong. Is there something in particular I must do to get this?

Nope. Just breed the pokemon you have that have the lowest speed until you get there.

8. Are IV's determined the moment you get the egg or when it hatches?

The moment you receive it. If you want to soft reset for IVs, save in front of the old man before he gives you the egg.

9. My Zapdos has terrible IVs... What can I do?

Nothing I'm afraid. The birds have pre-determined IVs, as do all wondering legendaries so you can't soft reset for them.

10. When do IV calculators start becoming more accurate?

When your pokemon is around level 50

11. Surely if I EV train my pokemon, they will cancel out any bad IVs.

That's not true. EVs count on top of IVs. You can't get an extra 124 EVs adding up to 376 EVs in a stat to make up for the 31 point loss. You'd be disadvantaging yourself against all the other pokemon out there that are EV trained and do have high IVs. In game, IVs don't matter, but once you get to the battle tower and you play wi-fi battles then make the difference between wins and losses.

11. Final Notes

And that's it. You should now be educated further about how IVs work, how IV breeding is done and how to breed egg moves. The bottom line is there's no easy way to do it, only easier ways. Get yourself some nice dittos, dig a bunch of everstones up from the underground, grab your Camerupt and get down to Solaceon. Get yourself that Competitive standard cross chopping Golduck.

My only final note is to remember that it takes time and effort. There's no way to guarantee high IVs, only to make it easier on yourself. Also remember that the Everstone makes it 50% likely you'll share the nature with ditto / the female not 100% so be prepared to breed a fair few, just to make sure.

And that's all. I hope this guide has educated you further somehow on the subject of IVs and breeding. Even if the only thing you discovered was the how flavour text reflects IV thing.

Thanks for reading.
I can then the close quarter beats them.

User Info: notsafeforwork

8 years ago#9
Phew. Post away.
I can then the close quarter beats them.

User Info: FrozenTime

8 years ago#10
Awesome guide TC.
"In a city where you're either alone, in a crowd, or being
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