How to delete your save data?

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User Info: PatJamma

7 years ago#1
What buttons do you press and at what screen?
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User Info: cornwell_123

7 years ago#2
main menu
start new game then save
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User Info: NikP1

7 years ago#3
No, you can't save over another game anymore. However, it should tell you what buttons to press when you start a new one.

User Info: Pokemonexpert10

7 years ago#4
To delete your saved game, go to the title screen and press D-pad up, select and b on your DS and the game will take you to a blue screen asking you if you want to delete your dat.
Say yes and your data will be deleted.
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User Info: Newgamer2009

7 years ago#5
Put it in the microwave for 3 minutes
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